How to block a sender in Zoho Mail

Geek 2.0 - April 14, 2020

How to block a sender in Zoho Mail - Intertuto

Here are the steps to blacklist a sender or domain in Zoho Mail and the steps to delete spam. Read and follow.

It may happen that you have newsletters that you do not want and that you need to unsubscribe or you have a radio channel that sends you emails in an unknown language online for example. This is a problem that you can ignore or remove. In any case, there are many reasons to block senders, instead of wasting time deleting them, it's better to clean your inbox by blocking them. There are two ways to block senders in Zoho Mail: either configure a filter from an existing message, or place the sender's address or all of its domain in the blocked senders list of Zoho Mail.

Blacklist a sender or domain in Zoho Mail

These are the steps to automatically delete messages from a given sender or an entire domain in Zoho Mail:

 Follow the Settings link in Zoho Mail;

 Go to the Email settings category;

 Search anti-spam;

 Click on black list of email addresses;

 On the spam list page, enter the email address ([email protected], for example) in the Blacklist section of the Email Address columns. To block mail for an entire domain, type the domain name ( that you want to block under the Blacklist section of the Domains columns.

 Click the + button or press the Enter key to add the address where the domain to the list.

Use message filters to remove spam

Once configured, the filter automatically deletes messages from a sender. To configure it you need:

 Open a message from the unwanted sender;

 Select the More Actions arrow in the upper right corner of the message;

 In the menu that opens, hover your cursor over Add to;

 Select Filters from the menu that opens;

 Choose the criteria you want to use for the filter. In the example above, we left the condition type defined as one of these conditions. Then, under certain conditions, we deleted the Subject condition, left the From condition as is, and deleted the To / Cc condition. Then, we defined the action on (trash) and chose the option Do not process other filters.

 Click Save;

 Your filter will be defined and the next time an e-mail from this sender arrives, it will be automatically deleted (if you use the same parameters as in the example).

We have taught you in this article the right way to block or filter spam and spam. You have been given the steps to blacklist a sender or domain in Zoho Mail as well as the steps to remove spam using message filters.

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