How to forward Zoho mail to another Address

Geek 2.0 - May 28, 2020

How to forward Zoho mail to another Address - Intertuto

Read this tip to understand the reason for sending Zoho Mail emails. Read on for more information below.

              All mail received from one Zoho Mail account to another, to a notification application for your phone and to an old email address. Zoho Mail facilitated this consolidation.

What is Zoho Mail Sending

Speaking of transferring a Zoho Mail account, this means that all mail received at the address of this account is sent to the automatically selected e-mail address in order to receive the forwarded mail. Zoho Mail can either keep copies of the transferred messages as a backup for example, or delete them depending on the choice.

You must treat the transferred messages as any other mail in the account which receives them and you can configure a filter which labels these (transferred messages) from the Zoho Mail address in the To: or Cc field in the purpose of allowing you to locate the mail instantly or move it to a special folder. Regardless of the type of account used to receive forwarded messages, to manage your messages, many of the other options exist.

How to forward Zoho mail to another address

The transfer of incoming messages in Zoho Mail is possible to another email address. But for this to happen you have to follow these steps:

 Click on the Settings icon in Zoho Mail;

 Select the Mail tab;

 Find the category email accounts and click on Email forwarding;

 Click on the e-mail address in the dialog box that opens and type the e-mail address of the account you want your Zoho mail messages to be sent to, then press Enter;

 An Email Forwarding-Verification dialog box opens;

 Check the email address to which you forward a Zoho Mail confirmation message. Copy the confirmation code included in the message, then return to the Email Forwarding-Verification dialog;

 Paste the confirmation code in the text box provided and click on Check;

 Return to the Transfer dialog box. If you want to delete the message from the Zoho Mail account once it has been transferred, please select the option Delete original copy of email ... before closing the Settings tab.

All messages received on this account will be forwarded to a new email address specified during the process immediately.

Forward Select Mail using a filter

There is a rule that only transfers certain messages from Zoho Mail. To configure this rule follow the following below:

 Follow the Settings link in Zoho Mail;

 Click Mail to open your mail settings;

 Find the Filters category and click on Create a new filter;

 Enter the filter name for the new filter;

 Select a condition type. In this example, we have chosen Any of these conditions (OR);

 In the Filter conditions section, choose A from the first drop-down menu;

 Then select the contents in the second drop-down menu;

 Then type the email address of the account you are transferring;

 Then, in the Actions section, select Forward email to from the first drop-down menu;

 Type the email address to which you want to forward the messages in the text box provided;

 Decide if you want other filters to process messages once this filter is executed (in this case, we left the Do not treat other filters option checked);

 Click Save. You will be returned to your filter list and the newly created filter will be at the top of the list.

However, any mail sent to the email address you wish to forward will be automatically forwarded to the email address to which you wish to receive it. To stop this transfer, you must be able to delete this filter. Otherwise the transmission will continue.

It is not impossible to forward a Zoho mail to another address, such is the lesson learned in this article. This article gives you the meaning of sending Zoho Mail emails, before teaching you how this transfer is done on All Zoho Mail messages and in other cases how it is done only on certain Zoho Mail messages Mail.

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