How to delete a Yandex.Mail account

Geek 2.0 - May 26, 2020

How to delete a Yandex.Mail account - Intertuto

The essential steps to follow to successfully cancel or delete your Yandex.Mail account if necessary.

                 You should know that as a user of Yandex.Mail that the famous free email client of Yandex located in Russia offers a lot of features like IMAP, POP, filtering and unlimited storage like many other heavyweights messaging.
It is very simple with Yandex to delete your account, deleting consists in deleting both your account and all the messages associated with the folders and labels.

To delete your Yandex.Mail account, follow these steps:
 Connect to the Yandex.Mail account you wish to delete;
 Select your email address and your avatar in the upper right corner of Yandex.Mail;
 Select Passport from the menu that appears;
 Follow the Delete Accounts link under Personal Information;
 Consult the list under The following Yandex services are currently active on your account. Copy all the data you want to keep from one of these services and Yandex will delete all the data listed;
 Enter the answer to your security question under Answer;
 Enter your Yandex.Mail password under Password;
 Type the letters and numbers of the captcha image under Enter the symbol of the image on the left;
 Select Delete account;
 Select Continue.

There your account is closed and no one can recreate an account with your credentials. Anyone who sends a message to the deleted account will receive a delivery failure message.
All the instructions you see in the body of this article will allow you to cancel your Yandex.Mail account in case you find yourself in this need. Follow them.

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