How to highlight text in Yahoo messages

Geek 2.0 - May 23, 2020

How to highlight text in Yahoo messages - Intertuto

Follow these instructions carefully to underline your text, make it bold or italic, and highlight it with a color.

               One of the ways Yahoo can highlight text when composing a message is to highlight text by adding a background color. There are many ways and even keyboard shortcuts exist to underline, bold and italics.

N.B: The instructions in this article apply to the standard Web version of Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Mail Basic and the Yahoo Mail mobile app offer limited formatting options.

How to underline, bold or italicize text in Yahoo Mail

After highlighting the text to format, enter one of the shortcuts below:

• Press Ctrl + B (Windows, Linux) or Command + B (Mac) to display bold text;

• Press Ctrl + I (Windows, Linux) or Command + I (Mac) for italics;

• Press Ctrl + U (Windows, Linux) or Command + U (Mac) for the underlined text.

Note: Bold and italics are preferable for underlining whole sentences, since underlining can make the text more difficult to read. Underlining individual words like new terms for example is more appropriate.

How to highlight text with color

Do the following to call up a text by changing its background color:

 Highlight the text and select the Text color button in the toolbar;

 Select the desired color for the text itself under Text;

 Select a highlight color (for the text background) under Highlight;

N.B: Not all email programs display your highlights or other text formats.

You should also know that in Yahoo Mail it is possible to use e-mail stationery ready to use or to modify the fonts to highlight them.

This article is useful for you by teaching you that you can make your text stand out when you send messages with Yahoo Mail. This can be done by underlining the text, by making it bold or italic, as well as by highlighting it with a color. It is ec which makes learning in this article. Read it carefully and follow everything given there as instructions you will do better.

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