How to send email to undisclosed recipients in Yahoo Mail

Geek 2.0 - April 21, 2020

How to send email to undisclosed recipients in Yahoo Mail - Intertuto

Learn how to create an undisclosed recipient contact and send email to undisclosed recipients in Yahoo Mail.

Even if you regularly use Yahoo Mail to send the same message to multiple people at the same time, you don't want everyone to see everyone else's email address. If you want to promote this protection so that there is personal privacy, configure an "Undisclosed recipients" entry in your address book, then BCC all other recipients. This is a workaround for sending email in Yahoo to undisclosed recipients. The instructions in this article apply to the standard web version of Yahoo Mail. Whichever browser you use, the steps are the same.

How to Create an Undisclosed Recipient Contact in Yahoo Mail

First create an undisclosed recipient address book entry in Yahoo Mail:

§ Select the Contacts icon in the upper right section of Yahoo Mail (to the right of Sort) to open your address book;

§ Select New contact in the left panel;

§ Enter Undisclosed in the First name field;

§ Enter the recipients in the Name field;

§ Type your Yahoo Mail email address in the Email field, then select Save.

How To Send Email To Undisclosed Recipients

These instructions teach you how to send an email message to undisclosed recipients in Yahoo Mail:

§ Compose a new message and select Up to display your address book;

§ Scroll to Undisclosed recipients and check the corresponding box. If not, type undisclosed in the search bar to find the entry quickly;

§ Select Done in the popup window to return to the message;

§ Select CC / BCC to the right of the To field to open the CC and BCC fields in the email header;

§ Enter all the desired recipients in the Bcc field. You can use an address book group to send messages more effectively to multiple people.

§ Compose your message and select Send.

In this case, a copy of the message will be received and your address will appear in the To field. The recipients will not see the names of other recipients, but they will be able to see that the email is from you.

This article is to help you add an entry called "undisclosed recipients" to your Yahoo Mail address book. We teach you in Yahoo Mail How to create an undisclosed recipient contact and How to send an email to undisclosed recipients. Follow the instructions given for the answers to these questions.

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