Learn how to report a spam message to Yahoo Mail

Geek 2.0 - April 10, 2020

Learn how to report a spam message to Yahoo Mail - Intertuto

Tip to help you know how to report spam or place it in the spam folder. Here's the simplest way to realize it.

Yahoo has spam filters in its mailbox, all unwanted messages are put in the spam folder. Within your Yahoo email, you can regularly see spam arriving there, that it does not annoy you because it is for you a chance to improve your Yahoo system especially the spam filters. The company Yahoo modifies the spam filters of Mail to limit this type of spam in the coming days in case you report spam to Yahoo! Mail.
Report a spam message in Yahoo! Mail
Follow these instructions if you want to alert Yahoo! Mail to mail that you no longer like and that has passed the spam filter:
 Open the message or check its box in the inbox. You can check multiple boxes to report more than one message at a time;
 Click the arrow next to the spam button in Yahoo! The Mail toolbar;
 Select Report spam from the drop-down menu to notify Yahoo! and to move the offending e-mail to your spam folder.
Report a spam message in Basic Yahoo! Mail
These steps allow you to send spam as spam in Yahoo! Mail:
 Check the boxes of the spam messages you wish to submit;
 Click the Spam button on the toolbar at the top or bottom of the screen;
 Once you open the email in Yahoo Basic, you will not see the Spam button. Click the Actions menu in the toolbar at the top and bottom of the screen, select Mark as spam, and then click Apply, instead.
Directly the message will be moved to the spam folder and forwarded to those who manage the Yahoo! spam filters.
Report spam from Yahoo! Account directly
Report the user directly in case the spam came from another Yahoo! Email account. This is done as follows:
 Go to the Report abuse or spam site on Yahoo! page in your browser;
 If the spam is from another Yahoo Mail account, click the Report to Yahoo! directly;
 Enter your contact information in the screen that opens, a detailed description of the problem and the Yahoo! Identifier or email address of the spam source.
This article teaches users of the Yahoo Mail account how they can report spam or place it in the spam folder. This is done in Yahoo! Mail, in Basic Yahoo! Mail, and in Yahoo! Account directly it depends. In any case, we have presented the steps to follow to do it better.

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