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Geek 2.0 - June 01, 2020

Windows Live Hotmail SMTP settings - Intertuto

Use the SMTP setting to send mail using a Hotmail address that has now become Outlook. Read on for more details.


               When the appropriate SMTP server settings are used then Windows Live Hotmail email addresses can send email through an email client and so that the program with which email is sent can send email is necessary to have SMTP servers for each mail service.

Warning! In the Hotmail account, the SMTP parameters only concern the sending of messages, but to receive messages from your account with the email client, you must use the appropriate Windows live Hotmail POP3 settings.

Windows Live Hotmail SMTP Server Settings

These are the outgoing SMTP server settings for sending mail using Windows Live Hotmail from any email program, mobile device, or other email service:

o Hotmail SMTP server:

o Hotmail SMTP Username: your full Windows live Hotmail email address (either [email protected] for example, or [email protected])

o Hotmail SMTP password: your Windows Live Hotmail password

o SMTP Hotmail port: 587

o Hotmail SMTP TLS / SSL required: yes.

Note that the SMTP server settings and the Windows Live Hotmail SMTP server settings are the same. Since the two services are identical, the SMTP server settings can be used for the Hotmail account.

Windows live Hotmail is now Outlook

Windows live Hotmail was created used for the first time by a few thousand beta testers in 2005, then by millions of others at the end of 2006. When Microsoft introduced in 2012 Outlook.Mail which is a new brand of Windows Live Hotmail with an updated user interface and improved functionality, Windows live Hotmail was immediately abandoned.

Even if there no longer exists a page reserved exclusively for Hotmail addresses, the email addresses remain in the form @ Formerly known as Hotmail and Windows Live Hotmail, the official name of Microsoft's email service is now Outlook Mail.


We showed you in this article that with a Hotmail address, which SMTP setting to use to send mail. We should not finish this work without emphasizing that Hotmail is now called Outlook.

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