How to transfer email messages with Windows Live Hotmail

Geek 2.0 - May 26, 2020

How to transfer email messages with Windows Live Hotmail - Intertuto

Yes it is possible to transfer e-mail messages with Windows Live Hotmail. Reading this tutorial gives more details.

            Email like Hotmail allows you to share a letter with friends. You may have some interesting messages in your mailbox that you need to share with your loved ones.

Forward emails with Windows Live Hotmail

These steps allow you to forward an email message to Windows Live Hotmail:

a. Click on Forward while viewing the message;

• You can also press Ctrl + Shift + F or the keyboard shortcut configured for transfer to Windows Live Hotmail.

You will see a new messaging screen appear with the original message in the body with the inclusion of essential header information such as: origin of the original message, recipient of the shipment, subject and date of shipment.

b. Add a note explaining why you are transferring.

Do not share email addresses with email

To protect the confidentiality of all the other recipients of the message (original message), you must trim the To: or Cc: lines so that they contain only your address or delete delete them completely. All this is when the To: or Cc: lines of the forwarded message contain something other than your email address.

What about attachments?

If you see attachments in your original message that you do not want to include in your transfer, delete them before sending the forwarded message. You can also forward the entire original message as an attachment to Windows Live Hotmail.


This article teaches you how to forward email messages with Windows Live Hotmail while warning you not to share email addresses with the email and what to do if there are attachments in the message. original to send.

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