Windows Live Hotmail Exchange Activesync settings

Geek 2.0 - May 31, 2020

Windows Live Hotmail Exchange Activesync settings - Intertuto

Learn how to use Exchange Activesync using Hotmail. For more information, read on for more details and follow carefully.

By connecting to your Windows Live Hotmail email account with your mobile device through the Hotmail Exchange Activesync server, you can access incoming messages and online folders in an Exchange-compatible email client. Since Windows Live Hotmail has been replaced by and online access to your emails is via instead of @, email server settings, and other information about Hotmail and Exchange are always accurate.

Note that it is possible to access POP3 to Windows Live Hotmail and to send messages by SMTP from Hotmail.

Hotmail Exchange Activesync settings

• Windows Live Hotmail Exchange Activesync server address:

• Windows Live Hotmail Exchange Activesync domain: (leave blank)

• Windows Live Hotmail Exchange Activesync username: your full Windows Live Hotmail address ([email protected] for example)

• Windows Live Hotmail Exchange Activesync password: your Windows Live Hotmail password

• Windows Live Hotmail Exchange, TLS / SSL Activesync encryption required: yes.

Additional help on using Hotmail and Exchange

Regarding access to mail from a Hotmail and Outlook web browser are similar, but when it comes to using Exchange, it is necessary to take account of each person's specific settings. If you have [email protected], use this information but if your email address ends with @ there is a different set of instructions that you should follow. To be sure your account is in good standing and your password up to date, make an effort to log in with your online account through in case you used your Hotmail account for the last time or in case where your password is complex.

By entering your email address on the login page, then you choose on the second page Forgotten password you launch the wizard to recover your Windows Live Hotmail password. Above, you have several apps to install on your mobile device that can help you access Hotmail via Exchange Activesync settings. On the iPhone, email is an example of a free email client compatible with Exchange, but on Android, its users can install the Microsoft Outlook application, and on Windows phone and Nokia phone, you can configure Windows Live Hotmail.

This article all he presented to you briefly is to teach you how to use Exchange Activesync having Hotmail or with Hotmail. You have been given all the parameters and help to achieve this very well.

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