Join a Bcc recipient with a message in Hotmail

Yves - June 17, 2019

Join a Bcc recipient with a message in Hotmail - Intertuto

read this and avoid a long list of email addresses or copy someone without their address being visible to other recipients.

Mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird, as well as couriers such as Gmail, offer "To", "Cc" and "Bcc" recipient fields. It is important to use these different fields well.

It is in the field "To" (or "To" in English) that you must type the address of the recipient. It is possible to enter several recipients but also groups of recipients. Each recipient will be able to see the addresses of the other recipients. Some couriers require to enter at least one address in this field.

If we want to avoid a long list of email addresses in this field or if we want to copy a person without his address being visible to other recipients, we must proceed as follows:

Bcc: - Invisible carbon copy. Recipients of this field will get a good copy, but their addresses are deleted before the message is delivered (to all recipients).

Windows Live Hotmail does not expose the Bcc field immediately, but adding recipients to it is easy.

How to add recipients to the Bcc field when writing a message in Windows Live Hotmail

- Click on Show Cc & Bcc (just above the To: line and on the right).

- Enter the e-mail address of the desired recipient in the Bcc field: or use the Bcc button: to select people from the contacts.

If you add multiple recipients, you must separate them by semicolons (such as "[email protected]; [email protected]").

From Windows Live Hotmail you can also send an email to "undisclosed recipients".

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