What are the POP3 Aol Mail settings?

Geek 2.0 - June 01, 2020

What are the POP3 Aol Mail settings? - Intertuto

Learn how to send mail using your AOL mail account using just the AOL Mail POP3 settings. Read on for more details.


               Using the Post Office protocol you can access your AOL email account, but before that you have to configure your email client to support the correct settings.

POP3 AOL Mail settings

You will find there:

• Server address: pop.aol.com

• POP username: your full AOL Mail email address

• POP password: password

• Port: 995

• TLS / SSL required: SSL

The POP3 protocol can only receive messages but with your AOL email account to send a mail you must configure the parameters of the simple mail transport protocol to use the smtp.aol.com server using SSL on the port 465.

We have shown you the AOL Mail POP3 settings in this article for receiving messages and how you can send mail using your AOL mail account.

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