What are the Zoho Mail IMAP settings

Geek 2.0 - June 01, 2020

What are the Zoho Mail IMAP settings - Intertuto

Learn how to use Zoho Mail with IMAP settings and how to access Zoho Mail through the IMAP server. more details here.


               The IMAP settings of Zoho Mail are part of needing some information that you will have to get Zoho Mail to work in your preferred mail client after download i.e. when you want to configure it. Any online messaging program is accessed using IMAP settings which allow access to incoming messages and online folders. These IMAP settings are as follows:

Zoho Mail IMAP settings

o Address of the IMAP Zoho Mail server: imap.zoho.com

o Zoho Mail IMAP port: 993

o Zoho Mail IMAP TLS / SSL required: yes

o Zoho Mail IMAP username: your Zoho email address ([email protected] or your email address if you use Zoho Mail with your own domain)

o Zoho Mail IMAP password: your Zoho Mail password

o To send messages via Zoho Mail from any email program, you must also define the parameters of the Zoho Mail SMTP server.

It is possible to access Zoho Mail through POP or Exchange Activesync, this is another alternative to access IMAP.

This article has proposed the parameters that will allow you to access Zoho Mail through the IMAP server, the way in which with IMAP you can use Zoho Mail. The parameters to facilitate you have been given to you.

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