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Geek 2.0 - June 01, 2020

Find Aol IMAP email settings - Intertuto

In this article, have the parameters to access AOL messaging from another messaging client or another application.


               Normally you should access your AOL mail in AOL but there are several services and practices that are used by mail users to access all of your mail accounts in one place. With AOL Mail and your account it is possible to access your AOL mail and do whatever it takes, such as replying in any compatible mail client or compatible application by entering specific information.

In general, to access Mail Mail messages and folders in Outlook, Mac Mail, Windows 10 Mail, Thunderbird and incredimail, or in an email application for a compatible provider, you must enter the AOL IMAP server settings Mail. When setting up an AOL email account on a different mobile app, you may not be required to enter IMAP settings in some cases. With the exception of the user name and password only, all the necessary parameters must be contained therein because the telephone is preconfigured for this.


IMAP and POP3 settings are supported by AOL but it recommends that you use the IMAP settings of your email client and not POP3 because it synchronizes the application or another service with your AOL Mail account. and everything you do with email on another email service or application will appear in the AOL email interface at AOL while with POP protocols synchronized email actions are not kept, they download just a copy of AOL's email once it is deleted in one place, it is also deleted in the other.

IMAP AOL Mail Settings

Certain specific information allowing another supplier to access your AOL messaging system will be asked to you enter once configure your AOL account in another AOL messaging provider or another application. The following parameters will be required for this purpose:

o IMOL AOL Mail server address:;

o IMAP AOL Mail username: your full AOL Mail email address. For AOL email, this is your AOL screen name and "@", such as "[email protected]" (or @, @ or @ verizon. net);

o IMAP AOL messaging password: your AOL messaging password;

o IMAP AOL messaging port: 993;

o AOL Mail IMAP TLS / SSL required: yes.

Besides receiving AOL emails that the above settings allow you to receive, you also need to reply to or send a new email from your AOL Mail account. To be able to do this, you must also enter the following SMTP settings in the fields provided when setting up the account to send outgoing email to your AOL Mail account from any email program:

o Address of the outgoing SMTP server:;

o SMTP port: 587;

o SMTP security: STARTTLS;

o SMTP username: your full AOL Mail email address, such as "[email protected]" (or @, @ or @;

o SMTP password: your AOL Mail / password that you use to connect to AOL Mail.

Functions not available from other messaging applications

It is possible to send, receive emails and access your AOL files by accessing AOL Mail from another email application. Despite this, some features including the following are not available:

o Message status: you can neither retrieve unopened messages from AOL users nor check the status of a message sent as it is from the AOL messaging interface.

o Spam: no access to the report spam button but to report an email as spam, move it to the spam folder or the spam folder of the email client.

o Deleted mail: some email applications do not show deleted messages while others display deleted emails in the original folder but mark the message for deletion.

This article has given you the settings for accessing AOL messaging from another email client or application. We have also shown you some features that are only available when you access AOL Mail from another email application.

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