How to create an electronic signature in Outlook

Geek 2.0 - April 15, 2020

How to create an electronic signature in Outlook - Intertuto

The steps to market or personalize your Electronic Signature. Then create your electronic signature in Outlook and Outlook 2007.

The way to personalize or mark your messages is to attach your electronic signature to them. It is for this reason that you are asked to create your own personalized signatures using text, images, your business card, etc. then add them to outgoing messages by configuring them. Note that this article and all these instructions apply to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, Outlook for office 365 and

Create an electronic signature in Outlook

These steps allow you to create a new signature in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and Outlook for office 365. These steps are for Outlook 2016. All These versions of Outlook have slight varieties but all have the same menus, options, and features.

 Select File, then Options;

 In the Outlook Options dialog box, select mail, then Signatures;

 In the Signatures and stationary dialog box, select New to create a new signature;

 Type a name for the new signature, then select Ok;

 In the Edit signature section, compose your signature. You can add your contact information, social networks, links, a quote or any other information you want to share. Once you want to format the text or insert an image into your signature, use the toolbar. Note that the maximum of the text does not exceed five lines and you must include the standard separator (-) if you wish;

 Select the arrow from the Email account drop-down list and choose the email account with which you want to use the signature;

 Select the New messages drop-down arrow and choose the name of the signature that you want to add to all new messages that you create in this e-mail account. In case you select (none), no signature will be added to the emails you send;

 Select the arrow from the Responses / Forward drop-down list, then choose the name of the signature you wish to add to the messages to which you reply or which you forward;

 When you have finished designing your signature, select OK.

Create an electronic signature in Outlook 2007

The steps for creating email signatures in Outlook are a little different from other versions, but not altogether. Follow these:

 Click on Tools, then on Options;

 In the Options dialog box, click Mail Format, then click Signatures;

 In the Signature and Stationery dialog box, click New;

 Type a name for the signature, then click OK;

 Compose your signature in the Edit signature section with contact information, links or other details, and use the toolbar to format the text. You can also insert an image in your signature. Five lines are maximum as limit of your signature and using a standard signature delimiter mark your signature;

 Under Choose the default signature, select the drop-down arrows for each of these options to define when your signature appears:

• Email account: select the email account you want to associate with this signature.

• New messages: select the signature you want to add to new messages.

• Replies / Forward: select the signature you want to add to forwarded replies and emails. If you don't want the signature to appear, click on none.

• Click on OK. Your new signature is created and applied according to the default values ​​that you have defined.

This article teaches you how you can express your personality or market your Electronic Signature. You have the steps to create your electronic signature in Outlook and in Outlook 2007.

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