How to delete a folder in 0utlook Mail on

Geek 2.0 - May 26, 2020

How to delete a folder in 0utlook Mail on - Intertuto

Delete unused folders, clean your mailbox in Outlook, restore and empty deleted items automatically. Read on.

            It may happen that after a while you no longer need the folders created to organize your messages in Delete the folder you no longer want in this case.
The instructions in this article apply to Outlook on the web at

Delete a folder in Outlook on the web at

With the exception of the default folders like Drafts, Inbox and Sent Mail which cannot be deleted, all other folders created in Outlook can be deleted in the event of undesirability. By deleting a folder, so are its emails. In case you do not see the folder to be deleted, make sure that the folders are not minimized and to display the minimized folders, Select the arrow next to Folders.
o Right click on the folder you wish to delete;
o Select Delete folder;
o In the Delete Folder dialog box, select OK.
Restore a deleted folder
Only a folder inadvertently deleted can be restored, not folders permanently deleted.
o In the Folders pane, select Deleted Items;
o Select the folder you want to restore;
o Drag the folder to the folder list.

Automatically empty your Deleted Items folder

Each time you log out, may automatically empty your deleted items. This will permanently delete the e-mail messages you have deleted as well as the folders.
o In the upper right corner of the Outlook window, select Settings;
o Select Show all Outlook settings;
o In the Settings dialog box, select Mail;
o In the Layout section, select Message management;
o Check the Empty folders of my deleted items box;
o Select Save;
o Close the Settings dialog when you are finished.

The purpose of this article is to delete unused folders and clean up your mailbox. This means that in this one, we teach you how to delete a folder in Outlook on the web at, how to restore a deleted folder and how to automatically empty your Deleted Items folder. Each step is important to help you do it better. They are therefore to be followed.

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