How to delete emails in Outlook for iOS

Geek 2.0 - May 26, 2020

How to delete emails in Outlook for iOS - Intertuto

Did you know? You are able to delete emails in Outlook even without opening them and recover an accidentally deleted email.

            You can delete one message at a time or delete several unimportant ones from your Outlook app for iPhone or iPad once you see clutter in your inbox. To do this, you need to change the scan settings in the Outlook Outlook app for iOS to delete the messages instead of archiving them during the scan. You also have the option of accidentally recovering the deleted message.

N.B: the instructions in this article apply to Outlook for iOS.

How to delete emails in Outlook

These instructions allow you to delete individual emails with the Outlook app for iPhone and iPad:

 Press and hold the email to delete in the message list. Also tap on the other messages to delete in case you want to delete multiple messages.

N.B: press the Trash icon to delete the message if the email is open and displays the message.

 Select the Trash icon at the bottom of the message list.

Swipe to delete emails

If you swipe to the left of the message, Outlook archives emails for iOS by default. If you want to change this setting, do this:

 Tap the avatar in the upper left corner of the Outlook application;

 Select Settings (the gear icon);

 Scroll down in the Settings screen to the Mail section, then press Scan options;

 Tap the Swipe Left icon on the Swipe Options screen;

 Select Delete in the Swipe Left screen;

 To return to your emails, select the Back arrow;

 Swipe left for the email you want to delete quickly. If you want to send emails to my trash, do this for any email, in any folder, and as many times as you want.

Recover deleted email

If you have inadvertently deleted emails that you should keep, don't worry too much because you can recover them by following this procedure:

 Click on the menu icon (avatar);

 In Trash or Deleted Items, open the email message;

 Select the three horizontal points (...) and select Move to a folder;

 In the Move storage screen, select the folder in which you want to move the e-mail;

You understand that you can delete Outlook emails without having to open them. You have seen what you need to do to delete emails in Outlook. Apart from these instructions, you can swipe to delete emails and You can also recover an email accidentally deleted.

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