How to purge IMAP messages in Outlook

Geek 2.0 - May 24, 2020

How to purge IMAP messages in Outlook - Intertuto

It is very important to purge your trash and other IMAP emails in Microsoft Outlook. Here's how to do it.

            Do not think that by deleting a message in an IMAP account which you access via Outlook, it is deleted immediately, it is not even moved by Outlook to the Deleted Items folder. As you show you don't need to see them, they are marked for deletion and will sometimes be hidden voluntarily. To remove them from the server, purge the half-passed emails.
The instructions in this article apply to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and Outlook for office 365.

How to purge deleted messages in Outlook

The Outlook configuration performed to immediately and permanently delete messages marked as redacted in IMAP e-mail accounts is as follows:

FOR OUTLOOK 2019, 2016, 2013 AND 2010
• Go to the file;
• In the Clean group, select Purge;
• Select Purge marked items in all accounts to remove deleted items in all IMAP accounts. Or choose to purge messages in a folder or email account;
• Select Yes to confirm permanent deletion of emails;
• Messages are permanently deleted from Outlook.

 Go to edit;
 Select Purge;
 Select Purge marked items in all accounts. Or choose to purge items from the selected folder or an email account;
 Confirm that you want to delete the emails.

• Select Modify;
• Select Purge deleted messages to delete deleted items from the current folder;
• Click on Yes.

How to Create a Ribbon Menu Item to Purge Email

Customize the ribbon menu to add a custom button instead of using the menu to delete messages. Follow the instructions below to complete this creation:
• Right-click on the ribbon and choose Personalize Ribbon;
• In the Main tabs section, select the menu tab where you want the new command to appear;
• Select New group to display a list named New group (custom);
• Select Rename to assign a personalized name to the group;
• Type a new display name and choose a symbol for the custom button;
• Select OK;
• Select the drop-down arrow choose commands in, then select All commands;
• Scroll down to purge and select purge, Purge marked items in all accounts, purge Marked Items in current account, purge Marked Item in the current file, or purge options;
• Select Add;
• The command appears under the new group you have created;
• Select OK;
• Your new shortcut appears on the ribbon;
• Select the shortcut to permanently delete the emails.

What happens if I don't delete these emails?

There is a risk that your online email account will collect too many of the messages that have not yet been deleted and will refill your account after you do not regularly delete these messages. The messages still exist in the mail server.
There is also a risk of exceeding the authorized storage capacity and preventing the reception of new messages in case you do not purge deleted emails because some email accounts do not allow a lot of storage space.

We teach you through this article that it is necessary to purge the trash and other IMAP emails in Microsoft Outlook. How to purge deleted messages in Outlook, how to create a menu item on the ribbon to purge emails and what happens if you don't delete emails? These are the major questions needing answers in this article. Fortunately, the answers are given.

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