How to send email to undisclosed recipients in Outlook

Geek 2.0 - April 21, 2020

How to send email to undisclosed recipients in Outlook - Intertuto

Send one email message to several people at a time and do it without each recipient seeing the other recipients.

By sending an Outlook e-mail to several contacts and putting all the addresses in the same To or Cc field, each recipient sees these addresses. Create an "Undisclosed Recipients" contact in case you don't want to share these email addresses with the recipients which shows each recipient that the email was not sent only to them and hides the addresses of each contact. . Note that the instructions given in this article apply to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and Outlook for office 365.

How to Create an Undisclosed Recipient Contact

Open Outlook and follow the instructions below to create a contact that appears in the To field of an email and hides recipient contact information:

§ Go to the Home tab and in the Search group, select Address Book;

§ Select File> New entry;

§ In the New Entry dialog box, select New Contact;

§ Select OK;

§ In the Full name text box, enter Undisclosed recipients;

§ In the Email text box, enter your email address;

§ Select Save and close. If an entry in your existing address book uses your email address, the Duplicate detected contact dialog box appears. Select Add new contact, then choose Add;

§ Close the address book.

How to send email to undisclosed recipients in Outlook

These instructions allow you to send an email using the contact of undisclosed recipients:

§ Create a new email message in Outlook;

§ In the To field, enter Undisclosed recipients. Outlook displays a list of suggestions as you type. Choose the undisclosed recipient contact;

§ Select Bcc. Once you don't see the Bcc button, go to Options and select Bcc;

§ Highlight the addresses you want to send by email and select Bcc. If you type these addresses manually, separate each address with a semicolon;

§ Select OK;

§ Compose the message;

§ Select Send.

The purpose of this article is to help you keep your recipient list secret. That is to say with Outlook you can send a single e-mail message at the same time to several people but this one teaches you how to do it without each of the recipients seeing the other recipients. This is possible by using undisclosed recipients. What is the focus of this work is to learn how to create an undisclosed recipient contact first and then how to send email to undisclosed recipients in Outlook. Follow the instructions given in this article.

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