How to quickly empty deleted items and unwanted folders in

Geek 2.0 - May 28, 2020

How to quickly empty deleted items and unwanted folders in - Intertuto

Learn how to delete unwanted messages using and restore them safely when done in error. Read on.

              All deleted messages in are stored in the Deleted Items folder. Thanks to this accumulation, it will be filled with unwanted emails at a certain time, which is why we ask you to empty it when it becomes too full.

Permanently delete all items from the Deleted Items folder

Make sure you have not forgotten anything important in your spam account before deleting them permanently because sometimes sometimes by spam filters spam items in the spam account. You can also check if you want to hang in your Deleted Items folder.

These instructions indeed help you to empty the junk and deleted items folders:

 Open;

 In the Folders pane, right-click the Deleted Items folder;

 Select Empty folder. To delete emails from the Junk E-mail folder, right-click the folder and select Empty Folder;

 In the Delete dialog box, select Delete All to confirm that you want to permanently delete all items from the folder.

Restore deleted items

After you have mistakenly deleted a message or emptied after configuration the Deleted Items folder when leaving your session and you find yourself needing to recover a message, you can recover it. Follow the instructions below:

 Go to the Deleted Items folder and select Recover deleted items from this folder;

 Select the message you want to recover and choose Restore;

 The message is automatically moved to the inbox.

With, you have every possible probability of quickly deleting unwanted messages. You can permanently delete them from the Deleted Items folder and in case you did so inadvertently, you can restore them again. The manner is even the object of this article. Read carefully and follow the instructions you will get there.

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