Import your emails and contacts into Gmail

Geek 2.0 - May 29, 2020

Import your emails and contacts into Gmail - Intertuto

You can read your messages from your Outlook account in another account opened in Gmail. Learn how to do it here.


Having a Hotmail account or a Windows Live email account automatically involves integrating your email into Microsoft's web-based email system. Google also simply helps you in the process of migrating your email account to Gmail in case you have a Gmail account.

Import your messages and contacts into Gmail

You should prepare your account before starting the migration process by copying the messages to keep from your deleted and junk folders in your inbox. Migration is only possible for folders where you usually have emails that you want to get rid of and that you no longer need.

This is the procedure for migrating your messages, folders and contacts from the address book to Gmail:

 Select the Settings button at the top right of the page on your Gmail account page (it is similar to a gear icon);

 Select the Accounts and import tab at the top of the Settings page;

 In the importing mail and contacts section, select Import mail and contacts. Select Import from another address once you have already imported;

 A window will open and ask you from which account to import? Type your email address;

 Select Continue;

 Another window will open inviting you to connect to your account. Enter your account password and select the Connect button. Once successful, the window will ask you to close it to continue;

 In the window called Step 2: Import options, select the desired options. The options are:

• Import contacts.

• Import mail.

• Import new messages for the next 30 days. Messages automatically received at your address will be sent to your Gmail inbox for one month automatically;

 Select Start import, then click OK.

The import process will take place without your effort and it will continue behind the scenes when your Gmail account is open or even when it is not open but be aware that this process may take some time or a few days according to the quantity of emails and contacts imported.

This article is an answer to all the questions you asked yourself other than having an Outlook account you can see your messages in another account that you have opened in Gmail. It is possible to see them in case you are importing your folders, messages, contacts from Outlook to Gmail. Follow the instructions in this article to get there.

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