How to clear your history in the most popular web browsers

Geek 2.0 - April 16, 2020

How to clear your history in the most popular web browsers - Intertuto

Read fully the brief details presented in the tutorials given in this article allowing you to organize your browser's history.

All web browsers have a browsing history, i.e. they record the pages visited previously, but for reasons of confidentiality, you can delete your history at any time. Follow the following tutorials to find out how to delete your history in many popular browsers.

Clear history in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge allows you to store huge navigation data and its navigation-specific settings showing the behavior of the browser. The distribution of this data is done in a dozen categories, each of which is managed through the configuration interface of the popup windows of Edge.

Clear history in Internet Explorer 11

To clear the browsing history, many methods are offered by Internet Explorer 11 among which there is a simple keyboard shortcut and in General options section of IE11. In addition, users can clear the browsing history automatically by closing the browser. By reading the detail of this tutorial, you will have more explanations on each of these methods.

How to clear history in other versions of IE11

Follow the following tutorials:

• Clear history in IE9.

• Clear history in IE8.

• Clear history in IE7.

Clear history in Safari for OS X and macOS Sierra

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can clear history and several other specific data components in Safari OS X and macOS Sierra. The items that you will save will be divided into various groups, including browsing history and cookies. By reading this brief article, you will find the steps you need to follow in order to delete the history in Safari.

How to clear history in other versions of Safari

Read the following tutorial: Clear history in Safari for iPad.

Clear history in Google Chrome

It is possible to erase all or only part of the navigation data components within the time intervals predefined by the Google Chrome browser for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. Among these data components you will find traditional information such as browsing history and cookies and several specific elements such as protected content licenses.

How to clear history in other versions of Chrome

Read the following tutorials:

• Clear history in Chrome for iOS.

• Powerwash (reset) a Chromebook.

Clear history in Mozilla Firefox

The Mozilla Firefox Privacy Options interface allows you to delete browsing history and other private data that allows you to delete files from individual categories and cookies from selected websites.

Clear history in Dolphin Browser for iOS

With the Dolphin browser for iOS devices, you are able to delete all browsing data with a single click and you can delete only cookies, cache, passwords and history.

This article has offered you various tutorials allowing you to store your browser history while remembering that the details given in these tutorials are brief. It is better to read them in full for more explanations.


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