How to edit email messages received in Mozilla Thunderbird

Geek 2.0 - May 23, 2020

How to edit email messages received in Mozilla Thunderbird - Intertuto

Did you know? You can easily modify your e-mail messages received in Mozilla Thunderbird. Here are details.

          How it works depends on the rule. That is, it must be flexible enough to allow exceptions.
Why modify the emails received?
In general, you do not have the will to modify the emails received but if you want their security, secure and saved. e-mails will have to be modified in case the e-mail is a data thesaurus and some of these files change.
Often the ideal solution is to transfer the directed message with an addendum or simply reply to add a new data point to the discussion thread but there are always exceptions as it may be simply useful to modify the original message for certain data (usernames, for example). This is easily done in Mozilla Thunderbird.

Edit emails received in Mozilla Thunderbird using "Draft"

The steps below help you edit a message you received in Mozilla Thunderbird:
1. Copy the message from its current location to the Drafts folder under Local folders;
2. Open this Drafts folder;
3. Double-click the desired message in the Drafts folder;
4. Make all the necessary assembly;
• By modifying the draft in this way, your e-mail address and not the original senders appears in the From: line.
• You can add a Reply to: header by clicking on an empty address field and selecting re
• Respond to: in the drop-down menu. Then place the original sender in the Reply to: field.
5. Click the Save button;
6. Replace the message in the location of the original copy.

Modify the mails received in Mozilla Thunderbird by modifying the source

To edit any message freely in Mozilla Thunderbird follow the following steps:
1. Make sure Mozilla Thunderbird is not running;

2. Go to your Mozilla Thunderbird profile directory;
3. Dig in Mail or imapMail, then in the desired account folder or in the general directory of local folders;
4. Open the file without extension corresponding to the Mozilla Thunderbird folder in which the message you want to modify is located in a text editor such as Notepad or TextEdit;
• You may need to open other ".sbd" directories to access the subfolders.
• Make sure you do not choose the file with the same name with the extension ".msf" in the file.
5. Find the message you want to change and make the desired changes;
6. Close the text editor by saving the file;
7. Open Mozilla Thunderbird.

Learn through this article how to modify the electronic messages received in Mozilla Thunderbird. We will let you know the cause or reason for the modification of the emails received. Besides that, we teach you how you can modify the emails received in Mozilla Thunderbird using Draft and how you can modify the emails received in Mozilla Thunderbird while modifying the source.

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