Configure notifications for new emails in Mozilla Thunderbird

Geek 2.0 - May 28, 2020

Configure notifications for new emails in Mozilla Thunderbird - Intertuto

With Mozilla Thunderbird, you can be notified or notified when entering new messages. Carefully follow the steps given here.

                Instead of taking time to monitor your inbox, Mozilla can do it for you by notifying you of new messages. To include any combination of subject, sender, and email preview, configure Thunderbird desktop alerts. This will let you know which messages are to be read now and which are spam or waiting messages.

How to configure email alerts in Thunderbird

 To receive alerts or notifications when entering new messages in Mozilla Thunderbird:

 Go to the Tools menu, then Options to open the Thunderbird settings in Windows. In Linux, on the other hand, select Edit, then Preferences from the menu;

 In settings, Open the General category;

 Make sure that the option Display an alert is checked under When new messages arrive;

 In Personalize, configure the content of the alert and the duration of its display. By checking Sender, the sender is displayed in the alert and by activating Subject, the subject can be seen. If you want only part of the message to be visible in the alert, use the message preview text.

 Click on Ok then on Close.

How to set up email alerts in Thunderbird on a Mac

On a Mac, the process and options are not the same with those seen above:

 Open Thunderbird;

 Go to Thunderbird> Preferences in the menu bar;

 Click on the General tab;

 In the section When new messages arrive, click on Options of the application icon;

 To make the application icon jump from top to bottom in the Mac Dock, check the box next to the animation of the application icon when a new message arrives;

 To assign a number to the badge on the application icon, select Number of unread messages or Number of new messages;

 To apply the changes and return to the General Preferences screen, click Ok.

It is important to also know that it is possible that you can choose a default sound that you will play when email arrives in Thunderbird General Preferences with OS X but under macOS, it sound and alerts are controlled in Mac System Preferences under Notifications.

It's up to you to find other tips on Mozilla Firefox if you need to.

Mozilla Thunderbird like several other applications or programs allows you to have warnings on new incoming messages. This is what you learned in this article by seeing the steps to configure email alerts in Thunderbird as well as in Thunderbird using a Mac.

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