Quick Guide to Repairing Files in Mozilla Thunderbird

Geek 2.0 - May 29, 2020

Quick Guide to Repairing Files in Mozilla Thunderbird - Intertuto

The simple and necessary steps to repair or rebuild one or more files in Mozilla Thunderbird. Read on to find out more.

          There are times when in Mozilla Thunderbird the messages actually present are not displayed or the deleted emails are still present. In this case, it is said that the files of Mozilla Thunderbird have lost track of the underlying structure. The folder index can be rebuilt with Thunderbird which will allow you to display the list of messages faster than when the entire contents of the folder are loaded allowing it to accurately reflect the messages you have in the folder.

Repair files in Mozilla Thunderbird

The reconstruction of a Mozilla Thunderbird folder in which emails have disappeared or deleted messages are still present is done as follows:

§ Disable automatic mail verification as a precaution. This may not be necessary, but it avoids a potential cause of conflict;

§ Right click on the folder you want to repair in Mozilla Thunderbird;

§ Select Properties ... from the menu that appears;

§ Go to the General Information tab;

§ Click on Repair folder;

§ Click OK.

It is not important to wait for the reconstruction to finish before clicking OK. It is for this purpose that as long as the reconstruction process is not finished, you should not do anything else in Mozilla Thunderbird.

Ask Mozilla Thunderbird to rebuild multiple folders

Follow these steps to have Thunderbird automatically repair the indexes of multiple folders:

§ Make sure Mozilla Thunderbird is not running;

§ Open your Mozilla Thunderbird profile directory on your computer;

§ Access the desired account data folder:

• IMAP accounts are under ImapMai /.

• POP accounts can be found under Mail / Local folders.

§ Find the .msf files corresponding to the folders you want to rebuild;

§ Move the .msf files to the trash. Do not delete the corresponding files without the .msf extension. Once you find a file called for example "Inbox" and another called "inbox.msf", delete the file "Inbox.msf" but leave the file "Inbox" in place;

§ Start Thunderbird.

Mozilla Thunderbird will rebuild the deleted index.msf files by following these steps.

This article teaches you how the title tells you to repair files with Mozilla Thunderbird quickly. We have given you the steps if you want to repair the files in Mozilla Thunderbird i.e. to rebuild a Mozilla Thunderbird folder in which emails have disappeared or deleted messages are still present. Besides that, we have taught you how to ask Mozilla Thunderbird to rebuild several folders, that is to say that Thunderbird repairs the indexes of several folders automatically.

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