How to export contacts to Mozilla Thunderbird

Geek 2.0 - April 23, 2020

How to export contacts to Mozilla Thunderbird - Intertuto

Export, transfer or transport your contacts to another file or a desired location. That's the purpose of this article.

It is very easy to export Thunderbird contacts to a file and once you would like to use those contacts elsewhere, this is an effective solution. Whether it's email addresses or other information from your friends, colleagues, business partners, family, customers, etc. it works for each of these contacts. Choose from the four different file formats when to back up your Thunderbird contacts and which one you choose will depend on what you want to do with the address book file.

How to export Thunderbird contacts

o Click the Address Book button at the top of Thunderbird. If you don't see the Mail toolbar, use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + B or press the Alt key, then select Tools> Address Book;

o Choose an address book on the left. If you select the first option titled All Address Books, you will be prompted to download all address books one after the other, in step 7;

o Go to the Tools menu and select Export ... to open the export window;

o Browse the folders on your computer to choose where to save the address book. You can save it anywhere, but be sure to choose a familiar location so you don't lose it. The Documents or Office folder is often the best choice;

o Choose the name of your choice for the address book backup file;

o Next to "safe as type", use the drop-down menu to choose one of the following file formats: CSV, TXT, VCF, and LDIF. The CSV format is the most likely format in which you want to save your address book entries. However, follow these links to learn more about each format and what it is used for, how to open one if you use it, etc.

o Click or press the Save button to export your Thunderbird contacts to the folder you chose in step 4;

o Once the file has been saved and the prompt from the previous step has been closed, you can exit the address book window and return to Thunderbird;

Additional Thunderbird Help

Follow the instructions in this link or try to start Thunderbird in safe mode once you are unable to export entries from your address book if Thunderbird does not open properly. It is possible to save your contacts in another location by saving your entire Thunderbird profile according to your preference.

You have been given the option by Mozilla Thunderbird to transfer or transport contacts to another file or desired location. The instructions to follow were given to you in this article allowing you to carry out this export.

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