How to chat in Mozilla Thunderbird

Geek 2.0 - April 16, 2020

How to chat in Mozilla Thunderbird - Intertuto

Learn how to set up chat in Mozilla Thunderbird, how to start the new account wizard there, and how to use chat.

PC users who don't have access to powerful and paid software like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird offers them a whole range of options allowing them to integrate several mailboxes with SMTP or POP protocols. Mozilla Thunderbird is a free email program. Thunderbird is lightweight, responsive software developed by Mozilla, the group behind Firefox.

How to configure chat in Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird supports instant messaging from Thunderbird 15. First create a new account or set up an existing account with an instant messaging or online chat provider to use chat. Currently, Thunderbird Chat works with IRC, XMPP, Twitter and Google Talk, the installation process for each of which is very similar.

Start the New Account Wizard

Click the file menu, then click New, then click Chat Account at the top of the Thunderbird window. Enter the username. Entering the user name is like this: for IRC, enter the name of your IRC server (for example, for the IRC server of Mozilla); while for XMPP, enter your XMPP server name.

Enter the password for the service, knowing that the password is optional for an IRC account and is only required if you have reserved your nickname on the IRC network.

Click Continue as the advanced options are not generally necessary and on the summary screen presented, click Finish to complete the wizard and start chatting.

How to use the chat

With your chat account logged in, make sure you are online by accessing the chat status and logging in:

• Click on the Tools menu, then on Conversation status, then on View accounts;

• Click the Connect button next to the account with which you want to connect. To start and join conversations, click the chat tab next to the Write tab.

Mozilla Thunderbird has not forgotten in its functionality the communication aspect between PC users. To this end, it has provided a chat system to facilitate this discussion or conversation. This article will teach you how to configure chat in Mozilla Thunderbird, how to start the new account wizard and how to use chat. You have been given the processes to get there.

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