Add a sender or recipient to your Yahoo email contacts

Geek 2.0 - April 10, 2020

Add a sender or recipient to your Yahoo email contacts - Intertuto

Add the sender, all email addresses, and other email information to your Classic Yahoo Mail address book.

You can add a contact or person to your Yahoo Mail contacts directly in classic Yahoo messaging without opening contacts and entering the name and other information by opening a person's email or sending a message to a person. Suddenly, Yahoo Mail will be able to extract information from an electronic mail, that will make it possible to add senders or recipients to your address book.

N.B: this feature is not available in the new Yahoo mail.

Add a sender or recipient to Yahoo Classic Mail contacts

You need to follow the steps given below if you want to add the sender or recipient of an email to your Classic Yahoo Mail address book:

    Open the email message;
    Click on the name of the person you want to add to your address book. If a person's name is there, you can select it regardless of whether the person is the sender or not;
    Place your cursor at the bottom of the opening map and click the three-dot Plus icon to open a list of actions;
    Click Add to Contacts in the list;
    An Add Contact screen opens with the name entered, as well as any other information extracted from the email. Enter any additional information you have for the person;
    Click save.

Add all email addresses to Yahoo Classic Mail contacts

To automatically add the email address of each new recipient:

    Click the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the mail screen;
    Click on Settings;
    Open the Email tab;
    Confirm that the option Automatically add new recipients to contacts is selected;
    Click save.

How to Edit Yahoo Mail Contacts

To add additional information to contacts:

    In your email screen, select the Contacts icon in the upper left corner of the screen;
    Select the contact you want to modify;
    Choose Edit Details from the top menu;
    Add information or modify existing information for the contact;
    Click save.

Keeping track of what is given to you in this article is a great tip that will save you more time with Yahoo Mail. You have the procedure allowing you to add the sender or the recipient of an electronic mail to your Classic Yahoo Mail address book, to add all the electronic addresses to the Yahoo Classic Mail contacts and how to add additional information to the contacts Yahoo mail.

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