How to add an email alias to your Gmx email account

Geek 2.0 - April 13, 2020

How to add an email alias to your Gmx email account - Intertuto

f you need to know what to do for alternative addresses or accounts with GMX Mail, with these instructions you have the answer.

It is not important to configure the different accounts for different interests, activities and rules in GMX Mail. Alias ​​addresses can also be configured and emails sent to these addresses will have arrived in your regular GMX Mail inbox. It is also possible to send them directly from GMX Mail using alternative addresses.

Add a mail alias from your GMX mail account

If you want to configure a new email address to use with your existing GMX Mail account follow these steps:

• Select Settings in GMX Mail;

• Make sure you are on the E-mail tab;

• Open the Create alias address category;

• Click on Create a new e-mail address under create an alias address;

• Type the part of your new e-mail address in front of the '@' under the desired user name;

• Choose a GMX messaging domain under;

• Click on verify;

• If your username and domain are not available, try a different combination;

• You can try another domain or change the username of your choice or even both of course;

• Click on Create;

• For the newly created address to be your default address in GMX Mail:

o Highlight the desired address under Create alias address;

o Click on Set as default;

o The default address is automatically selected as the "From:" address when you start a new message. Once you reply or forward an email sent to a different address than the one you use with GMX Mail, that address will be automatically selected;

o Click Ok.

These steps below help you to choose the email address from which a message is sent in GMX Mail:

o Click on the e-mail address and possibly on the name that appears next to "From:" when you compose a message in GMX Mail;

o Select the desired address from the menu that appears.

The design of this article is helpful for people who wanted to know what to do for alternate addresses or accounts with GMX Mail. This article is an answer to all your questions on this subject, follow the instructions for this purpose.

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