How to cancel quick deletion of a message in Outlook

Geek 2.0 - April 13, 2020

How to cancel quick deletion of a message in Outlook - Intertuto

Did you accidentally delete an email? No more worrying because you can now quickly recover it with Outlook.

It can happen that you delete a message by accident in Outlook messaging, it is not late if you realize later that you need it. With Outlook, you have the option of recovering a deleted message too easily. It is the same as canceling an action in Word and other programs.

The instructions in this article apply to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, Outlook for office 365, and Outlook Online.

Quickly recover a message in Outlook

Follow the instructions below to cancel the quick deletion of a message from the keyboard in Outlook:

 If you have done nothing after deleting an email, press the Ctrl + Z key combination to return the deleted email to the inbox. This is the quick way to cancel an action. Go to the Outlook Quick Access toolbar and select Cancel;

 If you have performed other actions in Outlook messaging, press Ctrl + Z several times to cancel a series of actions in the reverse order of their execution;

Cancel deletion of deleted messages in Outlook

The deleted Outlook emails are located in the Deleted Items folder in Outlook and Outlook Online. It is in this sense that you must move the deleted message from the Deleted Items folder to another folder to restore it in case the message was deleted by mistake and was not recovered at the same time.

In Exchange and office 365 accounts, deleted emails are moved to recoverable items.

 Open the Deleted Items folder;

 Right click on the message you wish to cancel deletion;

 Select Move> Inbox. In the inbox, the message is restored. There is a probability of recovering a deleted Outlook email if time has passed, but the process is so complex.

It's difficult to recover deleted emails from Deleted Items or Recoverable Items folder and IMAP emails. A backup can also be a quick way to recover in case you make regular backups on your computer.

Don't regret having accidentally deleted an email. You can recover it very quickly with Outlook. We teach you how to quickly recover a message in Outlook and how to cancel deletion of deleted messages in Outlook. The instructions given to you in this article are to be followed carefully in order to do it better.

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