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Geek 2.0 - May 29, 2020

My Way Mail- free mail service - Intertuto

Discover My Way Mail, a free service just for e-mails and how it works. read the detail in this article.

               My Way Mail is a functional mail service with calendar and a task list. This is not all, it also places the announcements in outgoing e-mails and can also help with the organization and composition of messages.


• It offers free 1000 MB email accounts including a calendar and a task list.

• A rich desktop-like interface facilitates the use of My may Mail.

• You can download mail from POP accounts in my Way Mail.


• My Way Mail places announcements in outgoing messages;

• You cannot access My Way Mail via POP or IMAP, or transfer it to another address;

• My Way Mail lacks labels and smart folders;

The destruction

• My Way Mail offers free, integrated email, calendar and task management;

• My Way Mail offers 1000MB of online mailbox space;

• My Way Mail includes a spam filter and personalized filters can sort messages or forward them automatically;

• An absent automatic responder can answer for you in your absence;

• My Way Mail allows you to check external POP accounts.

Guide Review- My Way Mail- Free Mail Service

My Way Mail gives free email but not free ads. The functioning of My Way Mail is generally good both for messaging and for managing the calendar and tasks associated with My Way Mail, it comes with a faster desktop-type interface in places and it has faults. There is a page called "My Day" which groups news, new emails, tasks and alerts in My Way Mail.

To organize your mail, My Way Mail naturally offers folders and filters in which there is an automatic external answering machine, but it lacks labels and filters that teach automatically, it's only the spam filter that does it. Even though My Way Mail lacks templates but it places ads in the emails you send and it gives you the ability to compose emails and replies while using rich formatting. follow their website for more info.

In this article, we describe My Way Mail to get to know it better by offering you its strengths (advantages) and weaknesses (disadvantages) and we showed you that it is a Free Service just for e-mails but others domains like ads for example are not free.

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