Create a calendar event from Mac OS X Mail

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Create a calendar event from Mac OS X Mail - Intertuto

Learn how to send dates and times from Mail to calendar on Apple computers and everything related to that sending.

                Adding events found in emails to the Apple calendar is made easier by OS X Mail. The configuration will allow you to automatically send the dates and times of the Mail application to your Apple calendar.

N.B: the instructions in this article apply to macOS High Sierra and macOS Mojave 10.14. If you are using the oldest version of macOS, upgrade to the latest version of macOS.

Create calendar event from email to email

Recognition of dates and times in emails by Siri makes the process of new calendar items easier and faster. You will see a message above the body of the email to make sure that Siri recognizes an item in the calendar. In this message there is a calendar icon, a message similar to Siri found 1 event in this email, a date and a time.

If you want to add an event to your calendar from Mail, follow these instructions:

 Open the Mail application and select the message that contains the Siri suggestion;

 Select Add to calendar next to the Siri notification;

 To edit the event and assign more information, select Details;

 Edit the event in the Details pop-up window;

This is the list of some items that can be changed:

• Add or modify the event name, date or time.

• Add an alert, specify the duration of the trip, or configure an event to occur periodically.

• Add a location under the event name.

• Add a note or attach a file.

• Choose another calendar.

 To accept Siri event suggestion with your modifications, select Add to calendar;

 Select Show in Mail in the expanded calendar entry to open the original email after Mail has added a link to the email in the calendar entry.

Automatic sending of events from OS X mail to the calendar

The instructions below allow you to automatically add events to the calendar for you:

 Open Mail and access Mail, then click on Preferences;

 Select General;

 Check the box Add invitations to the agenda automatically;

 It is possible to edit events later in the calendar manually.

 Manually create events from mail

Follow this procedure after Siri has failed to detect the event information properly, or only after you want to manually add the event information from your email to the calendar:

 Drag the cursor to a date, time or postal address in an email;

 When the outline appears around the text, select the drop-down arrow that appears;

 After modifying the entry in the popup window as desired, select Add to calendar.

Note: The Add to calendar option is displayed only after you have configured a calendar account.

How to turn off Siri event suggestions in Mail

It may happen that you no longer want Siri to give you suggestions in Mail, follow these instructions:

 Open the Apple menu;

 Select System Preferences, then click Siri, then Siri Suggestions & Privacy;

 Uncheck the Mail box.

Microsoft Exchange

To add events to your Apple calendar using Microsoft Exchange, you can only do this using the banner buttons above the email message. By selecting Accept, Decline or Maybe, the sender will be notified by OS X Mail and your calendar on the Exchange server will be updated. But you can later decide to change your Apple calendar during later synchronization with the server. Mail2iCal is able to transform e-mails as agenda items as an alternative.


This article has taught you how to send dates and times from Mail to calendar on Apple computers. This is how you had to know how to add an event to your calendar from Mail, automatically add events for you to the calendar, manually create events from a mail, deactivate Siri event suggestions in Mail and finally this article gave you a little overview on Microsoft Exchange.

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