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Geek 2.0 - May 29, 2020

Lycos Mail: free email service - Intertuto

Easily and synthetically understand the free Lycos Mail messaging service by reading this article carefully.

           The strong point of Lycos Mail is that it has a solid storage space of 3GB and also it has the possibility of sending very large files but it does have Fez advanced features. When it comes to organizing mail when using labels or smart folders, Lycos Mail, a spam filter and simple rules don't provide anything special.

Benefits of Lycos Mail

• Lycos Mail is a simple and easy to use service;

• 3 GB of online storage provides plenty of space for archive mail;

• Lycos Mail integrates a service for sending large files allowing large attachments;

Disadvantage of Lycos Mail

• You cannot configure smart folders or freely label in Lycos Mail;

• Lycos Mail does not offer POP or IMAP access;

• Rich text editing and large attachments only work with Internet Explorer.

Description of Lycos Mail

• It is a free web messaging service with an online mailbox storage size of 3 GB.

• It has three simple but effective levels of spam protection.

• It has surplus incoming mail filters that can allow you to route certain messages to specific folders.

• It gives the possibility to configure three personalized signatures and for Lycos Mail to automatically respond to incoming mail.

• It can collect other messages from other pop email accounts.

• Using rich texts in Internet Explorer, you can modify and send large attachments (exceeding 20 MB).

Review of Lycos Mail, a free email service

Lycos Mail is not without its frills, nor is it the most sophisticated web mail service. It has a 3 GB mailbox which is protected by a spam filter which can be configured to allow mail from known senders but without allowing people to authenticate. It gives you the option of putting normal attachments, downloading and including download links in your larger email files unfortunately and that and rich text editing in Windows only work with Internet Explorer.

Even if it lacks free labels or smart folders, it still offers simple incoming mail folders and the ability to search very easily. It's easy to say Lycos Mail is an unspectacular email service so solid, but its solidity may have been shaken by bugs and access problems in the past.

This article is a synthetic presentation of the free messaging service Lycos Mail. Despite its weaknesses, it also has certain qualities presented in it. Read carefully and you will be interested in Lycos Mail



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