How to read emails in chats with iPhone Mail

Geek 2.0 - May 23, 2020

How to read emails in chats with iPhone Mail - Intertuto

Make your email conversations cleaner than before by activating threading in your iPhone so that they are presented by wire.

           If multiple messages enter your iPhone, it's difficult to follow an email conversation in an inbox that is organized according to the time of arrival of the message. In this case, you can activate the messaging thread by default on the iPhone to simplify the discussion.
So, the message threads are considered as groups of linked messages, each thread of which contains an original email, all the replies contained therein, as well as the transmissions thereof, but all must be in chronological order. You can re-enable wired conversations on your iPhone if they are turned off.
N.B: the instructions in this article apply to iOS 12, iOS 11 and iOS 10.

How to enable threading in iPhone Mail
 These are the steps you need to follow if you want iPhone to display your email in the associated message threads:
 Go to the iPhone home screen and tap the Settings app;
 Select Mail;
 Drag your cursor to the Threading section and activate the Organize by thread toggle switch.
You must treat in the messages list of the Mail application a thread as an individual email to delete, mark or archive (this to all messages in the conversation).

How to disable threading in Mail
The inversion of the process given above consists in deactivating the wired electronic conversations in case you do not wish to use them. To do this, you must return to the Threading section of Mail preferences and turn off the Organize by thread toggle switch.

Additional thread parameters
There are also other additional options in the Threading section. These include:
• Reduce messages in reading: it is activated by default and it is new in iOS 11. It makes it easy to see new messages when opening a thread because when this option is activated, all messages read in a thread are reduced.
• Most recent message at the top: this is the setting that allows you to position the most recent message at the top of the discussion thread instead of the message of the oldest message that was there by default during the release of iOS 10.
• Full threads: this option allows you to display all the messages of a thread, as well as all those which have been moved to different mailboxes.
Tips for participating in threads
It can happen that threads like threads of discussions become long and involved, that this does not make you go off topic. You have to stay on the topic and if you have other things to talk about that don't fit with the thread's topic, send a different email that can turn into a thread itself.
You can avoid overloading by transferring a wire. It's better to make it simple by removing unnecessary images such as company logos.
In case you realize your original email was buried deep in the thread, you should repeat your point or the original purpose of the thread.
You must notify everyone when you add a new person to an existing discussion thread. This will help you avoid embarrassing comments about this person.

You can via this article to make your conversations by e-mail for a cleaner inbox than before by threading them (make by wire). This is possible if you activate threading in your iPhone Mail, if you no longer want it you can deactivate threading in Mail. This article gives you the other additional settings for making threaded emails and tips for thread participants.

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