How to get push notifications for Zoho Mail in iPhone Mail

Geek 2.0 - May 23, 2020

How to get push notifications for Zoho Mail in iPhone Mail - Intertuto

Learn how to receive warnings every time new messages enter in your Zoho Mail account while using your iPhone.

             It is a waste of time when you repeatedly search Zoho Mail on your iPhone manually because it is possible to configure your iPhone Mail so that it connects to your Zoho Mail account without problem to receive push notifications. It only means that when you do this you will be notified by your phone automatically when messages arrive at your Zoho Mail account. With the Exchange Activesync protocol this is accomplished because it is this protocol which will keep your mail and your files synchronized. Do not forget that Zoho Mail Activesync can work either with paid accounts (standard 15 GB) or with free accounts, but it is possible that you can use IMAP and POP access via other accounts.

Configure push notifications for Zoho Mail in iPhone Mail

Follow these steps once you want to add Zoho Mail as an Exchange Activesync account to your iPhone especially for sending email and accessing files online:
 Open the settings on your iPhone;
 Press Mail then contacts and then calendars;
 Select Add an account;
 Tap Microsoft Exchange;
 Type your Zoho email address (using @ or your own domain) under Email;
 Enter your Zoho email address again under Username;
 Tap your Zoho Mail password under Password. there is no problem if you leave the Domain field blank;
 You can also enter "Zoho Mail" or whatever you want under Description instead of Exchange;
 Press Next;
 Enter "" under Server;
 Press Next;
 Make sure Mail is set to ON. To also synchronize contacts and calendars with the Zoho suite, make sure the respective settings are enabled;
 Tap Save.
You can then choose which folders to push and how much mail to keep selected after all this.

This article teaches you how you can set up push notifications in Zoho Mail to your iPhone so that you can start receiving notifications whenever there are messages in your Zoho Mail account. Follow the steps given there to get there.

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