The most popular and useful iPhone Mail and iPad Mail tips

Geek 2.0 - May 29, 2020

The most popular and useful iPhone Mail and iPad Mail tips - Intertuto

Follow the most popular and useful tips for iPhone Mail and iPad Mail. The continuation is given in this article.

Here you have the tricks are most popular tutorials for iPhone Mail and iPad Mail. It is likely that you will be limited in knowing what you could do to read, compose and organize your email. You may be notified of important messages and update your contacts and calendar quickly with items from emails.

Agree to learn what a few taps and pinches will do.

How to sync more emails with iPhone

After asking yourself where all your old emails have gone, or would you like iPhone Mail to display only the most recent emails, followed by how you can choose how much mail iPhone Mail downloads from an Exchange email account.

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How to access Gmail or Yahoo! Mail with iOS Mail

Learn how to add your Gmail and Yahoo! Account because you are not limited to using a single email account with iOS Mail. And that's not all, many other types of email accounts can be added.

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How to Choose Folders to Send iPhone Mail

Learn how to transfer the contents of Exchange folders to your iPhone messaging while knowing that push emails aren't just for the inbox.

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How to drag or archive for Gmail in iPhone Mail

If you want to scan and delete, not archive and keep mail in iPhone Mail, learn how to have iPhone Mail delete messages when you even drag them into Gmail.

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How to make an iPhone delete or keep mail from POP servers

You can delete an email in iPhone Mail and want to delete it also from your server. You have what you can do to have iPhone Mail delete messages from the POP account. The question is, if you're already there, why not also change the frequency with which iOS Mail checks for new messages?

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How to create folders to organize and organize mail in iPhone Mail

You may find that you no longer want to archive a message and even keep it in your inbox. Here you will know how to create a new folder to take in iPhone Mail. After creating folders, you will also need to know how to delete them. iOS Mail also offers a multitude of useful smart folders that you can add.

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How to Find Mail in iPhone Mail

If you happen to search for a particular email, agree to let iPhone Mail help you analyze senders, recipients and subjects, even on the server if it allows it.

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How to configure contacts for group mailing in iOS Mail for iPhone and iPad

Do you want to choose one contact instead of three, four, ... or do you need to send a lot of mail efficiently? IOS Contacts helps you set up groups to send email to multiple recipients quickly and easily using iOS messaging on iPhone and iPad, for example. Here too, learn how to send email to undisclosed recipients using iOS messaging without a predefined group.

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How to move or delete bulk messages with iPhone Mail

Learn how to delete a bunch of messages in iPhone Mail and delete them with one click and how to do the same for mail on the go. In case you no longer want emails from a folder, you can read the instructions to delete them. Maybe you also want to learn how to mark messages as spam and move them to a spam folder or maybe take mail from a POP server, you will also want to know how to keep or delete it on these systems.

How to configure your iPhone email signature

Instead of touching the finish lines of all your emails, ask iPhone Mail to insert them automatically: here's how to configure an electronic signature in iPhone Mail.

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How to add VIP senders and get notified in iOS Mail

You can add (or remove from) the first senders emails to the VIP senders list in iPhone Mail and iPad Mail so that key incoming messages are automatically collected in a separate view. You can also define how you want to be notified of VIP emails after you designate them.

How to create calendar events from emails in iPhone Mail

With iPhone Mail, it's easy to get the invitation out of the mail, quickly transform the date and time in an email into calendar events.

How to send a photo or image with iPhone Mail

You can easily share your best photos, screenshots and saved images on the web by sending them online with iPhone Mail. You did not know how to send them from the photos application perhaps, you can insert them in an e-mail by long pressing on them and by scrolling them to find the options for sending photos, videos and attachments .

How to display text with a larger type in iOS mail

Change the iPhone's font size for better visibility of text that used to be tiny. Learn how to change the settings for Mail and several other applications.

How to save a message as a draft and continue it later

Can't continue typing now? Tap twice more and save your message as a draft for later in iOS Mail.

These are the most popular and useful tips for iPhone Mail and iPad Mail as the title suggests. This is an exhaustive list of tips to which can be added other tips and not deep inside.

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