How to save a message as a draft in iPhone Mail

Geek 2.0 - April 16, 2020

How to save a message as a draft in iPhone Mail - Intertuto

Learn how to save and reopen a draft message in iPhone Mail and what happens when it is saved in iOS Mail.

For future continuity, you can save an email as a draft in iOS Mail on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

N.B: this procedure has been tested with iOS 12 and also works for iOS 11 and iOS 10.

How to save and reopen a draft message in iPhone Mail

These instructions allow you to save a draft message in iPhone Mail or iOS Mail on an iPad:

 Tap Cancel when composing an email message, and then tap Save Draft. You will see your message disappear directly but a copy of the message will be saved in the Drafts folder;

 When you feel ready to continue with your message, access your folder list, then select Draft. In the list of saved drafts, tap a message to open it to continue editing it. Tap Send to send the message to the destination after you finish making your changes.

What happens when you save a draft in iOS Mail?

When saving a message as Draft, its current complete status (including all recipients in the To, CC and CCi fields) and the subject text of the email as well as the text or images in the body of e-mail are saved in the Drafts folder. Message drafts are saved on the server and you can continue to use them on any connected computer or device if you use an IMAP account configured to synchronize drafts and this folder. You should know that in this article, it will be the default for most of these accounts. For example, you can use the same IMAP email account or a web interface.

How to move email in iOS Mail

Slide your finger from the subject line of the email if you want to move an email you compose outside of reading email or starting another email in iOS Mail from simple way. You can tap the subject line of the email at the bottom of the screen if you want to continue composing.

Messages are not saved in the Drafts folder or on the IMAP server automatically with the iOS Mail application. There, the outgoing draft message will be saved locally on the device.

The message always stays there even if you restart the device or even close and reopen iOS Mail. But when the device freezes more critically, you can lose it too.

You can save a message as Draft on your iPhone to finish it later. In this article, learn how you can save and reopen a draft message in iPhone Mail, if you save a draft in iOS Mail what will happen as well as how to move a mail email in iOS Mail are the focus of this entire article.

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