How to Create Folders and Group Apps on the iPhone

Geek 2.0 - April 15, 2020

How to Create Folders and Group Apps on the iPhone - Intertuto

Learn how to add, create folders on iPhone and how to delete apps from folders and a folder on iPhone.

The best way to reduce the size of the home screen is to create folders on your iPhone. When the applications are grouped together, they make your use easier, you will no longer browse all the files in search of the applications.

Create folders and group apps on iPhone

these are the steps to follow:

o To create a folder you must have at least two applications to place in the folder. Determine which two you want to use;

o Lightly press and hold one of the apps until all of the apps on the screen start to shake (this is the same process you use to rearrange apps);

o Drag one of the applications to the other. When the first application seems to blend into the second, have your finger removed from the screen. This creates the folder;

o What you see next differs depending on the version of IOS you are using. In IOS 7 and later, the folder and its suggested name occupy the entire screen. In IOS 4-6, you will see the two applications and a name for the folder in a small band on the screen;

o You can change the name of the folder by tapping on the name and using the on-screen keyboard. More information on folder names in the next section;

o If you want to add other applications to the folder, tap the wallpaper to reduce the folder. Then drag more apps to the new folder;

o When you have added all the desired applications and changed the name, click the Home button located in the center, on the front of the iPhone, and your changes will be saved (as when reorganizing the icons);

o To modify an existing folder, keep your finger pressed on the folder until it starts to move;

o Tap on it a second time and the folder will open and its content will fill the screen;

o Change the name of the folder by pressing the text;

o Add other applications by dragging them;

o Click the Home button to save your changes.

How folder names are suggested

The iPhone assigns a suggested name to a folder created for the first time and it is according to the original characteristic of the applications in the folder that this name is chosen. The instructions in step 5 presented above are useful to you once you want to add your name instead of using the suggested name. If the applications come from the games category of the App store, the suggested name for the folder will be Games.

Adding folders to the iPhone docking station

The four apps at the bottom of the iPhone are located in the dock. To add files to the dock if necessary:

o Move one of the applications currently in the dock by dragging it to the main area of ​​the home screen;

o Drag a folder into the empty space;

o Press the Home button to save the change.

IPhone 6S, 7.8 and C folder creation

How the 3D touch screen of iPhone 6S, 7.8 and X devices responds differently to different pressures on the screen, it makes it a little complicated to create folders on the iPhone 6S, 7 and iPhone 8 series and X. A simple tap is enough when using one of these phones, in step 2 given above if you press it too hard it will not work.

Delete applications from folders

 The procedure is as follows in case you want to delete an application from a folder on your iPhone or iPod touch:

o Press and hold the folder you want to delete the application;

o When applications and folders start to move, remove your finger from the screen;

o Tap the folder whose application you want to delete;

o Drag the application out of the folder and onto the home screen;

o Click the Home button to save the new recording.

Delete a folder on the iPhone

the procedure is no different from that for removing an application.

o Just drag all apps out of the folder and onto the home screen;

o When you do this, the folder disappears;

o Press the Home button to save the change and you are done.

This article has shown you over and over how to create folders and group applications on the iPhone by showing you that the iPhone suggests names. It shows you how can you add, create folders on iPhone and how to delete applications from folders and how to delete a folder on iPhone.

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