How to manage bookmarks on iPhone

Geek 2.0 - May 22, 2020

How to manage bookmarks on iPhone - Intertuto

Now you are able to call, send emails and send SMS with one touch by using your iPhone. Read this tip you are going to be on page.

           You can call people and add them to the favorites list. This is possible if you install the iPhone phone app. You can tap the person’s name to start an immediate call, a FaceTime call, or open a new message or email. For iPhone, favorites can be added via contacts or the phone app, but they can be managed like editing a favorite or rearranging a list of favorites using the phone app.

N.B: Creating a favorite contact on iPhone implies that the person must already be a contact. You need to learn how to create a new contact in order to get help or transfer contacts from one iPhone to another or from one Android to another after setting up a new phone.

The instructions in this article apply to all iPhone models running iOS 10 or newer.

How to Add Favorites on iPhone

To add a new favorite on iPhone, you must use the phone application:

 Open the phone application;

 Tap Favorites at the bottom of the screen;

 Select + at the top;

 Choose the contact you want to add to the favorites list. To find it, you can search, scroll or type a letter on the side;

 Choose which type of communication do you want to use as a favorite: Message, Call, Video or Mail. If you find that the person has more than one detail for a category (such as two phone numbers), press the arrow to choose one.

N.B: the options that will be displayed on the person will depend on the type of contact information added for that person.

 Return to the Favorites screen and see how the new favorite was listed with the type of contact located below their name.

How to rearrange bookmarks on iPhone

The phone application allows you to change the order of your favorite contacts. Here’s how:

 At the bottom of the phone application, click Favorites;

 Select Edit at the top;

 Locate the favorite contact you want to reorganize and hold the three-line button to the right to enter it. Keep in touch tirelessly and drag it up or down the list;

 To exit the edit mode, press Finish.

N.B: the iPhone phone with 3D Touch (introduced with iPhone S6) can also allow you to display your favorite contacts by pressing firmly on the phone application. You will see the first contacts on your favorites list included in this pop-up window and to rearrange them, you can choose the ones that will appear with 3D Touch.

How to Delete Favorites on iPhone

You may be able to remove a favorite contact from your favorites list if you are cluttering or want to leave room for others. It’s easy to do, here’s how: switch to edit mode in the phone app and use the Delete button. For more information, learn how to delete bookmarks from iPhone.

N.B: once you want to delete the contact, delete it from your iPhone.

Before managing favorites, it was first necessary to understand why they are important. In this article, you have understood that the favorites allow you to call, send e-mails and send SMS with one touch. After understanding, it was necessary to know how to make a contact a favorite on iPhone, rearrange the favorites and delete them on iPhone.

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