How to Mark Unread Mail in iPhone Mail

Geek 2.0 - May 23, 2020

How to Mark Unread Mail in iPhone Mail - Intertuto

Follow the instructions that teach you to mark one or more email(s) as unread in the iOS Mail app. Read more in this tip.

iOS Mail helps you automatically mark messages as read after they are displayed, and personally you can manually mark one or more of your messages as unread. You will see unread emails in the iOS Mail app for iPhone and iPad appear with a blue circular indicator next to the message in question in the mailbox and any email or folder without this indicator has therefore been opened or read. However, you may occasionally have opened an email, but you want to mark it as unopened for later. It's simple, you just need to mark it as unread in the Mail app.

N.B: the instructions in this article apply to iPhones and other iOS devices running iOS 12, iOS 11 and iOS 10.

Mark an email as unread in the iOS Mail app

These steps help you mark an email message in your iPhone or iPad email inbox or other email folder as unread:

 Open the Mail app, then go to the inbox and tap a read message to open it. Open messages do not have a blue indicator.

 Press the Flag button in the message toolbar located at the bottom of the iPhone application and at the top of the iPad application.

 Select Mark as unread. The message will be marked as unread by a blue flag when you return to your inbox. The message will be in this box at least if you delete or move it and the blue indicator will always remain there until it is read.

Mark multiple messages as unread

Instead of processing emails one by one or one at a time, group them and then take these steps:

 Go to the inbox or the folder of the mailbox which contains the messages to be marked as unread;

 To display an empty circular button next to each email, click Edit;

 Press each circular button in front of the read messages (those without blue indicator) that you want to mark as unread. You will see a white check mark appear in the circular button;

 Press Mark;

 To mark the selected emails as unread, Select Mark as unread;

N.B: it is not important to make a selection if all the emails in the inbox have been opened. In this case, scroll to the bottom of the inbox, select Mark All, and then click Mark Unread. All emails will have a blue flag to indicate that they are unread.

This article has brought you up to the challenge of understanding that you can get your inbox used to the functionality of the iPhone Mail app. You understand that you can mark in the iOS Mail application one or more e-mail (s) as unread (s) by using the instructions that have been given to you.

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