How to Remove Favorites from the iPhone Phone Application

Geek 2.0 - May 26, 2020

How to Remove Favorites from the iPhone Phone Application - Intertuto

Learn how to delete, rearrange iPhone favorites, and select contacts using the 3D Touch menu. Read carefully this tip to know more.

          With the Phone app in the Favorites screen for iPhone, you can get in touch very quickly with your loved ones and family members. Adding people to your favorites list is simple, removing and reorganizing contacts is easy.

N.B: the instructions in this article apply to iOS 12, iOS 11 and iOS 10.

How to Delete iPhone Favorites

Follow these steps if you want to delete a contact from the Favorites screen of the Phone application:

 Tap the Phone app;

 Tap Favorites;

 Press Modify;

 You will see a red circle icon with a minus sign appear next to each favorite in the list, press the red icon next to the favorite you want to delete;

 Press the Delete button that appears to the right of the contact to delete the favorite;

 You will see your list of favorites updated recently.

This procedure does not delete the contact from your address book or their information. It only deletes the favorite.

N.B: Do this if you want to delete a favorite more quickly: open the Phone application, go to Favorites, then slide your finger from right to left on the contact you want to delete.

How to rearrange iPhone favorites

Proceed in this way to change the order of favorites:

 Launch the Phone application by pressing it;

 Tap Favorites;

 Press Modify;

 To place the favorite above the rest of the list, press and hold the three-line icon. But if you press too hard while using an iPhone 3D Touch, you will see a popup menu;

 Drag the contact to another position in the favorites list;

 Once you find your favorites to store as you want, press Finish to save the new order.

N.B: Make incoming calls so that your contacts display photos in full screen in just a few steps.

How to select contacts using the 3D Touch menu

If you are using iPhone 6 or recent versions of iPhones, another way to reach your favorites is offered by the 3D Touch screen. Press and hold the Phone application icon to display a context menu. With this menu, you can easily access three or four favorite contacts if you use larger screens like the iPhone X. The 3D Touch shortcut for the Phone application allows you to display your three or four favorite contacts.

In iOS 12 and iOS 11, the contacts are displayed horizontally in the same order, while in iOS 10, the contact in the first position of the Favorites screen appears in the lower right corner of the context menu. With this arrangement, it would be very easy to call on your most used contact.

Rearrange your contacts in the favorites list if you want to change the contacts displayed in the shortcut or change their order.

As your relationships change, so do your phone favorites. This article teaches you how to delete, rearrange iPhone favorites, and select contacts using the 3D Touch menu.

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