How to manage push notifications on iPad

Geek 2.0 - May 23, 2020

How to manage push notifications on iPad - Intertuto

Receive iPad notification settings to record your iPad's battery life as well as your mental health. Read more here.

               The purpose of push notification on your iPad is to warn you about events without you being able to open the app. When you see an alert when a new message arrives on Facebook or the buzz or sound that awaits when you receive a new email, this is called push notification. It is important this functionality because with it you will be able to know the events without taking more time by opening several applications but it can also exhaust the duration of your battery.

N.B: the instructions in this article apply to iPads running iOS 12.

IPad notification settings

The management of push notifications is done from one application to another, particularly even the deactivation of notifications cannot generally be done. You can also manage each application how it will be notified. Here's how:

 Click on Settings on the iPad home screen;

 Click on Notifications;

 To open a screen that contains the notification settings for the application that you particularly want to manage, click on this particular application;

 Disable the Enable notifications switch to disable notifications for the application;

 Activate the option Allow notifications, switch inside, then select one or more types of alerts to activate the notifications of the application. Choose between Lock screen, notification center or banners;

 Select a banner style (Temporary or persistent) once you have chosen Banners. It is also possible that you can select an audible alert and activate or deactivate Badges which is the number appearing in the corner of the application icon. Additional options allow you to view previews during an alert and whether to repeat an alert.

 An additional entry is displayed with certain applications at the bottom of the Notification screen for an application such as News which displays the news notification settings. This setting shows you additional application-specific notifications;

 To open a settings screen for News, click News Notification Settings. To select the sources of information that you want to inform, use the buttons. The content of these additional parameters is not identical, it varies according to the applications. The tweeter application, for example, offers notifications for tweets, mentions, retweets, likes, etc .; for the Podcast application, additional notifications can be managed to alert new specific episodes of podcasts.

Using the notification center

The Notification Center was introduced by Apple in iOS 12 in order to manage several notifications. It displays the most recent notifications of your applications grouped by application. Here's how to open the Notification Center:

 Go to the upper left corner towards the bottom of the iPad screen. You will see the notifications grouped by application but the most recent notification is at the top of the application name, a preview and the time when it was issued. The previous notifications of this application are arranged in each other in this application.

N.B: to clear the notifications, click on X at the top of the notifications screen when the notifications are minimized.

 To expand the notification stack for a single notification, click on the top notification;

 To review the options, swipe a notification to the left and to open a settings screen for the app and a link to other settings, click Manage. Then, to open the history, link or associated publication, click on View and to delete the notification, click on Clear.

 To delete notifications from the Show less application for expanded application notifications, click the X next to the application.

 To reduce application notifications to a single entry, click Show Less.

 Applying what has been given to you within this article will allow you to record your iPad's battery life as well as your mental health. You now have via this article the iPad notification settings and you now have the knowledge to open the notification center

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