How to organize apps on your iPad

Geek 2.0 - May 23, 2020

How to organize apps on your iPad - Intertuto

It is possible and very simple even to organize the applications available on your iPad according to your preference. This is the purpose of this tip.

            Apple has an app for almost everything that's why it has the brand there is an app for that. Instead of getting around, organize your apps if you want to take advantage of free download offers. IPad does not have an application that organizes all the applications downloaded from the App Store. Each new application should be left at the back of the line.

Organize your iPad with folders

The folder creation function that iPad did not have when it was introduced has today become an important tool for keeping applications on the device. It is enough to move an application to another application instead of dropping it on an open area of ​​the home screen such is the process of moving an application to a folder. It is done as follows:
 Press and hold on an application that you want to put in a folder;
 Once it starts moving, drag it onto another application that you want to place in the same folder, relentlessly;
 As you continue to maintain the application, you zoom in on a folder view. Release the application;
 Add a name to the folder if the generic name chosen by iPad does not suit you by pressing in the name box. When you create a folder containing two weather applications for example, it is called weather because iPad recognizes the types of applications;
 Click on the folder, then return to the home screen. You can now click, hold and drag additional applications to the folder. Create several folders to contain your applications, if you are not using a particular folder, drag all the applications from it to the home screen. There, the file disappears.

Put your most used applications on the Dock

The area at the bottom of the screen is the best place for your most used applications because the applications on the dock at the bottom of the screen remain the same regardless of the home screen you are on. On the platform, you have the opportunity to personalize your experience by installing a maximum of 13 applications without changing one and after half a dozen the icons are reduced to make room for other applications. The three most recently used apps are automatically displayed on the dock and even if you don't have a docked app, it can be ready to launch from the dock if you've opened it recently. It's the same way you move an application anywhere you can place it on the dock.
 Press and hold on the application until it moves;
 move your finger and the application on the dock and keep them pressed until the other applications in the dock move;
 Release your finger. If your dock is already full or if you need one of the default apps on the dock, move the apps in the dock the same way you would anywhere. When you move the dock application, the other dock applications reposition themselves.
Place the files on the platform
The dock is intended for the most used applications and the home screen for folders and the rest of your applications, the home screen can be used for the most popular applications and the dock for everything and everything by filling it with folders . Reverse the script is one of the most interesting ways to organize your iPad. As placing a folder on the dock is a great way to access many apps from any home screen, instead of using the dock for the apps you want to access easily, leave them on the first page of your home screen and put all your other apps in folders located on the dock.

Sort apps alphabetically

These steps are the workaround for sorting without moving each application knowing that there is no way to keep the applications organized permanently alphabetically.
 Launch the settings application
 Go to General in the left menu and choose Reset at the bottom of the general settings;
 Press Reset the layout of the home screen and confirm your choice in the dialog box that appears by pressing Reset.
With this procedure, all downloaded applications are sorted alphabetically and appear immediately behind the default applications organized in the same way as when you had the iPad. Applications downloaded later will appear at the end of the applications as usual without being listed in alphabetical order.

Ignore iPad organization and use Spotlight Search or Siri

It doesn't matter even if the basic organization tips for iPad may not be enough to keep your iPad easy to navigate when you download dozens of new applications every week because with Spotlight it's possible to launch any application at any time by swiping directly from the first home screen. No need to worry about looking for an application because there is a search box and several suggestions for recently used applications.
Using Siri is also an easy way to launch an application. The launch is done as follows: hold down the house button then say Launch Notes or Launch Mail or any other application you want to open.

This article teaches you how you can organize your apps on your ipad. It could do this better, you need to organize your iPad with folders, place your most used applications on the dock or on the dock, we have shown you here how to sort the applications alphabetically if necessary and how you can do it by using Spotlight or Siri if you skip doing it by iPad organization.

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