How to get VIP email alerts in iOS messaging

Geek 2.0 - May 23, 2020

How to get VIP email alerts in iOS messaging - Intertuto

Follow the steps given in this article to configure special email alerts for specific contacts. Read more here.

              VIP notifications are understood to be alerts for special recipients. You may need to receive email alerts for certain recipients in case you don't want to receive notifications for each email that arrives in your iPad or iPhone. It's simple with VIP notifications to know that if your boss for example is configured as a VIP sender and you want to be sure that each of his emails sends a special notification on your device so as not to miss them.
N.B: these instructions apply to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running at least iOS 66.

How to set up VIP email alerts

To create VIP notifications, go to Settings. Here's how:
 Add a VIP sender (in case you have not yet configured it);
 From the home screen, open the Settings application;
 Go to Mail, click on Notifications, then on VIP. Or go to Notifications, click on Mail, then on VIP once you don't see these menus;
 Choose from the Lock Screen, Notification Center and / or Banner options to choose an alert style for much larger emails. By pressing each of these options to remove the blue check mark, you disable visual notifications for VIP emails;
 To choose a special sound for VIP e-mails, select Sounds or New messaging sound on older devices;
 To return to the VIP notification settings, click VIP and click Show previews to activate previews from the setting. It is when your device is unlocked that VIP messaging previews can be activated although you can find some devices with a toggle called Show Preview. To have previews for VIP emails, you need to activate it.
N.B: To make new messages reach you faster, be sure to change the push settings on your device. Ask your iPad or iPhone to check for new messages less frequently, perhaps what you want.

If you needed to configure special email alerts for specific contacts, you got the answer via this article. Just follow the steps given to you right here.

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