How to get alerts for new replies in a thread with iOS Mail

Geek 2.0 - May 23, 2020

How to get alerts for new replies in a thread with iOS Mail - Intertuto

When you are waiting for important emails to arrive, iOs Mail can help you notify them when they arrive. Read the content.

          If you want to mark a conversation thread to receive notifications when entering new messages, iOS has a Mail program for iPhone and iPad with this functionality. Please note that this is not the same with VIP senders. VIP senders mark individual email addresses and add their message to a dedicated folder while you receive notifications, sounds, banners and iOS alerts of your choice for new conversation replies that you have marked.
Note: the instructions in this article apply to iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 8 and later.

Enable notifications for mail

Make sure you want to receive notifications before taking full advantage of email notifications. Here's how:
 On your iPhone, open the Settings then click on Notifications;
 In the Notifications screen, click Mail;
 On the Mail screen, activate the Allow notifications toggle switch, then click Thread notifications;
 Activate the Switch notifications switch in the Thread notifications screen. There is no difference between the notification options for discussion threads and all notifications;
 Choose to display notifications on the lock screen and in the notification center. To display notifications temporarily or to keep them on the screen until they are sent back, choose Banners;
 To emit a sound when an alert is issued, choose Sounds and to put a notification on the Mail icon when receiving a response, choose Badges;
 When you receive new emails in the feed according to the options chosen you will receive notifications.

Get alerts for new replies in a thread with iOS Mail when writing

Follow this procedure once you need the iOS Mail response warning to an email you write:
 While writing the message, press the bell icon to the right of the Subject field;
 Select Notify me;
 You will see the bell icon appear filled instead of the sketch if the wire alerts are enabled. Upon receipt of a thread message, you will receive a notification;
 To deactivate notifications, click on the Bell icon;
Get alerts for new replies to an existing thread with iOS Mail
To enable text feed notifications for existing conversations, follow these instructions:
 Open the email thread in which you wish to receive the alerts;
 Click on the flag icon, select Notify me, then click on Notify me again to confirm;
 To access this menu via the inbox; swipe left on the message, tap the More option (it's a gray box with three dots in it), type Notify me, then click Notify me again to confirm;
 You can return to the discussion thread, click on the indicator icon, then select Stop notification to deactivate notifications.

How do I find the threads I'm watching?

You may be able to locate the conversations and emails that have thread alerts enabled in iOS Mail. To do this, please look in the message list for the bell icon in front of the sender or subject, or in the e-mail to the right of the subject header line.

You can be notified of important emails if you are expecting them. iOS Mail can do it for you and this article has taught you how to do it. In this article, you learned how to turn on notifications for mail, get alerts for new replies in a thread with iOS Mail while writing, get alerts for new replies to a thread existing with iOS Mail, find the threads you're watching.

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