How to quickly archive or delete messages in iOS Mail

Geek 2.0 - April 14, 2020

How to quickly archive or delete messages in iOS Mail - Intertuto

Manage your emails in seconds and follow the instructions to configure Swipe to delete or archive an email.

Sweeping is the easiest and fastest way to delete or archive emails from the Mail app on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. It is under certain conditions (for example, when email is open) that the normal method of deleting emails is suitable. It is because you want to delete or archive several emails from any Mail folder that scanning is faster. You will see how to configure Swipe to either delete or archive.

N.B: the instructions in this article apply to the Mail application on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 12, iOS 11 or iOS 10.

How to configure Swipe to delete or archive

It is possible to configure the scanning actions on your device. But it can happen that despite the configuration, you want to scan an email but it is not done as you want it. In this case, you need to change what happens when you swipe your email left or right by doing the following:

 Open the Settings application;

 In Mail, click Scan Options;

 Select Swipe Right and choose Archive. At the top of the screen, click Back, then Swipe left, and choose Trash;

Note: email accounts with the Archive option for left swiping offer the trash can (in addition to other options) for right swiping.

 Return to the home screen by clicking the Home button or swipe up from the bottom if your device does not have a Home button to return to the home screen. To archive messages after changing email settings, swipe from left to right for the Mail app, and swipe from right to left to delete the messages.

NB: archiving sends a message to the archiving folder located outside the inbox but not in the Trash folder (it is possible to recover it afterwards) and the deletion of an email sends it to the Trash folder.

Swipe action tips for iOS messaging

The configured scan action is best used when you want to view a list of emails and when you want to decide what should happen to the messages without opening them. This is the best time to use this action, but it will only work if the email settings have been defined to display previews. In Settings, click Mail, then click Preview.

It is also possible that by using a swipe motion to quickly mark an email as read or move it to a new folder. This is possible in the settings of the sweep actions. Even if the scanning actions do not work in the message, you can archive or delete an email from the message itself by using the menu bar at the bottom of the email to delete or move it to the new folder like Archive.

You can manage your emails in seconds. This is the gist of the teaching in this article. These are the scanning actions that allow you to do this. Instructions for setting up Swipe to delete or archive email have been given in this article and some swipe action tips for iOS messaging have been provided.

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