How to activate full screen mode in Internet Explorer (IE) 11

Geek 2.0 - May 28, 2020

How to activate full screen mode in Internet Explorer (IE) 11 - Intertuto

With Internet Explorer, display web pages and other media while ensuring good visibility. More information here.

            Windows 10 provides IE11, it is no longer the default browser for Windows 10. It is preferred by several browsers like many other modern browsers because it gives the possibility of displaying Web pages in full mode. screen and leave only the main browser window visible while hiding all other elements (tabs, toolbars, bookmarks bars and the download and status bar). The usefulness of the full screen mode is seen when displaying rich content such as videos for example or when you want to display web pages without the surrounding elements distracting you.

Put IE11 in full screen mode

These steps allow you to activate and deactivate full screen mode in IE11:

 Open Internet Explorer;

 Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the browser window;

 Hover the mouse cursor over the File menu to open a submenu when the drop-down menu appears;

 Click on Full Screen.

The keyboard shortcut F11 also allows you to this function. If everything has been done well, your browser will be in full screen. To deactivate it and return to your standard IE11 window, just click on the F11 key.

How to change the default browser to IE11

If you are interested in Internet Explorer 11, you can choose it to be your default web browser in Windows 10 and whatever you do will automatically open and use IE11. These steps allow you to change the default Windows 10 browser to Internet Explorer 11:

 Right click on the Windows icon and select Search;

 Type the control panel in the search field;

 Select Control Panel in the search results;

 Click on Network and Internet in the Control Panel for more information;

 Select Programs in the list of options and click on Default programs;

 Click on Set your default programs;

 Find and click on Internet Explorer in the resulting window;

 Select Set this program as default program then click OK to finish changing the default browser in some versions of Windows.

Run Internet Explorer 11 from the Start menu

The Start menu allows you to easily access Internet Explorer 11 without changing your default browser. To access the Start menu:

 Click on Start;

 In the search field, click Internet Explorer;

 Right-click Internet Explorer 11 when it appears in the list and select Pin to start or Pin to taskbar.

This article teaches you how to display web pages and other media while having good visibility. You learn via this that it is possible to do this when you use Internet Explorer 11 as in several other browsers. This article gives you the steps necessary to put Internet Explorer 11 in full screen mode and to change the default browser to Internet Explorer 11 and how can you launch Internet Explorer using the Start menu.

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