How to synchronize your Google and Apple calendars

Geek 2.0 - May 26, 2020

How to synchronize your Google and Apple calendars - Intertuto

Learn how you can set up your Google calendars in Apple calendar and add individual Google calendars in iOS.

              If you set up your Google Calendar using the Add Apple Account Assistant, it will seamlessly sync with the default Calendar app for IOS. One or more of your Google calendars are combined in IOS by this technique which merges your Google calendar with your iCloud account or other calendar account configured on your iPad or on your iPhone.

N.B: these instructions apply to iOS versions from iOS 11.

Configure your Google calendars in Apple Calendar

Adding your Google calendars to the Apple calendar and automatically synchronizing them is as follows:

 Open Settings> Password and accounts on your iPhone or iPad;

 Tap Add account;

 Choose Google in the next screen;

 Log in to your Google account. Even though the Add Account wizard works, look for a version wrapped in a Google website. In case you want to create a Google account from scratch, you can click on the Create an account link even if a lot of people will connect to an existing account.

N.B: the screen for connecting to Google accounts requests your username and password on separate pages, but you must provide the response code once you have configured two-factor authentication on your Google account.

 select the parts of your Google account synchronized with your iPhone or iPad. IOS selects mail, contacts, and calendars by default without synchronizing Notes. You must make sure that the Calendars option is selected (the cursor is green) and press Save to continue;

 Open your Calendar application to view your appointments. Full synchronization will take a few minutes once your calendar is large.

Adding individual Google calendars to iOS

It is not important to synchronize all calendars associated with iOS from your Google account. Follow these steps:

 Go to the Google calendar synchronization page;

 Select the calendars that. You want to synchronize with the Apple Calendar application. If the calendar check box is active, it will be synchronized but otherwise synchronization will not be possible.

N.B: it is necessary to research well before synchronizing shared calendars, public or religious festivals. Different calendars tend to display these events, so you may end up with a few duplicate entries and if you have multiple calendars synchronized on iOS in particular;

 Press Save;

 Refresh your Apple calendar to verify that your preferences are reflected.

Use Google Calendar with your iPhone or iPad

In Calendar, several features of Google Calendar don't work, such as Google Room Planner and event notifications by email, and using Apple Calendar, you can't create new Google Calendars.

Open the Settings> Password and accounts menu at any time to individually activate or deactivate the synchronization settings, including your calendar. Just tap your Gmail account to view mail, contact, calendar, and note switches.

When you add your Google account in iOS directly, be aware that you have configured it for the native Mail, Calendars, Contacts and Notes applications from Apple. When configuring iOS applications, there is no reading of applications from the App store such as Microsoft Outlook and there your Google account must be configured individually in these non-Apple applications.


The first thing to synchronize via Google and Apple calendars is to configure your Google calendars in Apple calendar. This article teaches you how to get it done as well as how to add individual Google calendars in iOS. This article gives you the conviction that it is possible with your iPhone or iPad to use Google Calendar.

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