How to contact Gmx Mail support

Geek 2.0 - April 15, 2020

How to contact Gmx Mail support - Intertuto

Procedure to remedy any problem encountered while using Gmx Mail. Here are these simple steps for you.

GMX Mail technical support allows you to get help in case you encounter any problem either during the connection or during the sending of the mail, access via IMAP, classification of messages, etc. Several problems can arise but you must inform the technical support for you to get help.

Contact GMX Mail support

To get help from GMX Mail support after sending a message or bug report follow these steps:

o Open the GMX Mail feedback form;

o Type your name under your name;

o Enter your primary GMX e-mail address (including domain name) under your GMX e-mail address;

o If you cannot access your GMX email account or wish to receive a reply to a different address, enter this address under your contact's email address. Otherwise, your GMX email address will be used there;

o Choose the problem under Your subject;

o Ask your question or problem in the Y our message / Question field;

o Include as much information as possible. Once you can take some steps to resolve the issue you are experiencing, but list it but if you receive an error message in GMX Mail, your browser, or your email program, try to reproduce it entirely;

o Optional:

• Indicate when you first encountered the problem under When did your problem occur?

• Date of your last successful use of GMX Mail under Date of the last successful connection?

• Select the speed of your internet connection under How fast is your internet connection?

• Click on Send.

 This article has shown us in everything how to proceed to seek help in GMX Mail when you find yourself facing some problem during use. The necessary steps have been given.

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