How to delete emails with a keyboard shortcut in Gmail

Geek 2.0 - May 26, 2020

How to delete emails with a keyboard shortcut in Gmail - Intertuto

Activate the keyboard shortcuts in Gmail and you will have different shortcuts allowing you to delete spam in Gmail.

        This is the quick method that can allow you to send your junk messages to the trash once you regularly check your Gmail inbox, there in case you don't want them, you don't even have to open first no. Gmail allows you with a quick keyboard shortcut to delete single emails and multiple emails selected in Gmail.

This keyboard shortcut is your friend

 Select the email or emails you want to delete by checking the box to the left of each of them, either in your inbox or in any other Gmail mailbox. Press the keyboard shortcut SHIFT + 3 it's to, the emails are deleted, they become history.

 You can also open to see the content of your email, then use the shortcut SHIFT + 3 and go.

Mandatory, you must see at the top of your screen this notice: the conversation has been moved to the trash and will be permanently deleted in 30 days. There you know directly that if you deleted a mail or a file by mistake, go immediately to the trash you will find it before 30 days. Note that the shortcut works if and only if, keyboard shortcuts are enabled in the settings of Gmail.

How to enable keyboard shortcuts in Gmail

Once you find that the SHIFT + 3 keyboard shortcut doesn't delete your emails, be aware that keyboard shortcuts are disabled by default in Gmail. With this procedure, you activate the Gmail keyboard shortcuts:

 At the top right of the Gmail window, click on the Gear Settings icon;

 Select Settings from the menu;

 On the Settings page, under the General tab, scroll down to the Keyboard shortcuts section. Click the radio button next to Keyboard shortcuts.

 Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.

Now know that the keyboard shortcut SHIFT + 3 is active to perform the deletion of emails.

More Gmail keyboard shortcuts

There is not just one keyboard shortcut. By activating keyboard shortcuts in Gmail, you can access several keyboard shortcuts that you can't even memorize. Pull out the keyboard shortcuts that you will find useful for your work and use them.

We give you the keyboard shortcut that can allow you to delete spam in Gmail. This keyboard combination should be used to power your inbox. As it may happen that you need to do the deletion and that you have not yet activated the keyboard shortcuts in Gmail (thing which causes the impossibility of the deletion), we have shown you how to activate the keyboard shortcuts in Gmail and we shouldn't leave you in the dark to think that you have only one keyboard shortcut in Gmail. No, you will find that there are many of them after activating the keyboard shortcuts.



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