Give less secure email applications access to Gmail

Geek 2.0 - May 28, 2020

Give less secure email applications access to Gmail - Intertuto

Do you want to know how to give Gmail to less secure apps as well as Gmail security? You have the answer here.

           POP and IMAP are two protocols supported by most email clients and systems that allow other email clients to access your Google Gmail account. Google then blocks email client connections that do not meet its minimum security requirements for security reasons. Several options are available to you in case your email program is below these minimums, in particular:

1. Update your email client software. The Mail application on iPad or iPhone with iOS version 6 or earlier, for example, is not secure enough to access Gmail. You can then update your device software to the latest version, which will include an updated Mail application compatible with Gmail security.

N.B: updating your application or your messaging software if its latest version meets Google's security requirements, this is the simplest and most secure solution.

2. Change your Gmail account settings to allow less secure applications to access it. This option is not recommended by Google as it weakens the security of your account but it may be necessary in certain situations. If this option is a bit risky, then it is practical.

N.B: Gmail accounts for which two-step verification is activated cannot be considered on a basic authentication allowing the connection of less secure APPLICATIONS.

How to give less secure applications access to Gmail

These below steps set up your Gmail account on basic authentication and allow less secure email applications and email clients to connect to your Gmail account via IMAP or POP:

 Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the Gmail page;

 Click on Google Account;

 Click on Security;

 Scroll down to Less secure access to applications and click on Enable access.

Gmail security

Using OAuth, Gmail allows email programs and add-ons to securely access message notifications, labels, and contacts. The guarantee of this method is that the email client does not receive or store your Gmail password. The other importance of this method is to restrict access to certain data or to revoke access to individual applications completely voluntarily or at any time.

N.B: Switch to basic security settings and allowing less secure applications to access your account involves classic password authentication in plain text, which is inherently less secure. It’s good when you give your password to the messaging app and your password can be sent to Clair on the Internet. The messaging app can store your password in an insecure manner, although many apps ensure that passwords are saved securely. This makes him vulnerable to strangers accustomed to monitoring his password. Basic authentication also does not give you the ability to control access in an optimized and application-specific way that the enhanced security of Gmail allows.

Older email applications may not meet Google’s security requirements. This article answered the question of how you can give Gmail to less secure apps as well as the security of Gmail.

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